His hand swollen like a “balloon” Christophe Dechavan, an accident victim!

Former host of wheel of fortune, Christophe Dechavan, had a bad encounter in his garden. On Wednesday, August 17, a photo in his Instagram story revealed that his hand was swollen like a balloon. Christophe Dechavane was bitten while picking. “That’s it, picking apples is very nice. I took an apple and there was a hole in the other side that I didn’t seeHe said. He conjures.Silly little prick, there you go, my hand is like a balloon“.”Beware of waspsThe host concluded by commenting on the video of his hand. But Christophe Dechavan infused his video with a touch of humor into his story by leaving background music titled bee’s journey by Nicholas Kidrov.

The host has been more secretive in recent years, even sounding very pessimistic about his future on television. “Everyone has my number and it doesn’t ring. We won’t deceive ourselves after a while‘, launched in April on the group Telematin. So it looks like the wind has turned because viewers will be able to find her at the start of the school year in the new show that will replace We are alive Together with Lea Salama, whom she especially loves.”His freedom of tone, his passion for artists, and his commitment to social causesComedian Philippe Cavervier will also be present in this ensemble surrounding Léa Salamé. This new show, whose official title has not yet been revealed, should receive every week.Between 7 and 8 characters“.

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