Here’s what science tells you to do with your mucus

stigma around snot It turns nose treatment into an abominable and unacceptable practice. However, it is completely normal. Just like primates, humans have been indulging in it regularly since early childhood. Kids also quickly understand that their fingers can be used to pick up boogers. Before they take note from their parents or those around them, who make them understand that they are not clean.

However, many people still hold their noses secretly, even after integrating into this social norm. The big question they are then left with is what do they do with their snot? Everyone can give a different answer: eat them, throw them on the ground, spread them on something … However, according to scientific studies relayed by slatethe question is not so trivial.

Boogers, an ingredient in the human body that is less harmful than it seems according to science

Boogers are not simple human body waste Which we should get rid of without asking any questions. They play an essential role in filtering dust and allergens, so that they do not enter the lungs. Its sticky substance also represents a real trap for certain bacteria and viruses. Without them, we could get sick or develop lung infections!

the nasal mucus, which are produced by goblet cells in the nose, constitute a real immune defense on their own. In addition to protecting against bacteria, it also traps toxic substances, such as lead, asbestos, or pollen. But when the bugger proves useful in protecting against disease, so does its great vulnerability. Swallowing all these substances, these allergens, these dust, these viruses and bacteria, is a booger a High degree of toxicity !

Nose cleaning is a dangerous practice in addition to being unhygienic

This toxicity explains why eating or smelling buggers is not a good idea. Simply disgusting on the surface, such practices in reality turn out to be just as well dangerous. It increases the risk of exposure to diseases or poisoning of all kinds. So it is better to get rid of the spore ASAP !

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By itself, one should avoid scratching one’s nose. Although common, this habit is associated with an increased risk of HIV transmission. Staphylococcus aureus. Often found in the nose, these bacteria seek out their mucus with the fingers and risk making it more accessible to contact wounds. In the end, a serious illness awaits you, especially since bacteria are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotics!

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So, what do you do with his snot?

All of these explanations about boogers show that it’s not trivial to know what to do with them after you pick your nose. Given its toxicity and risk of infection, it is clear that we should not Avoid eating them or smell them. Similarly, wiping it anywhere is the best way to spread certain diseases.

There is only one solution left: don’t hold your nose and Prefer to blow your nose When it is necessary to clear the nose of mucus. Of course, there is no question of leaving the handkerchief lying on the floor. Better get rid of them! In any case, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly after every blowing session or after blowing your nose. Until the mucus dries up, the bacteria it carries can linger on the hands!

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