Here’s Bella Hadid’s cool trick before applying makeup

Here’s Bella Hadid’s cool trick before applying makeup

Ice is very versatile; It can be used in drinks to relieve pain and to help reduce puffiness in the face.

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Lucy Redman, expert from The Ice Co, shared several ways to use ice in your beauty and skincare routine.

Reduce bags under the eyes

Ice is known to help reduce swelling and puffiness, so why not get into the habit of placing an ice cube under your eyes every day?

“Putting an ice cube under your eyes will help reduce dark circles and puffiness. It’s the perfect base before applying makeup,” explains Lucy.

Nail polish stamp

A lesser-known tip when it comes to ice is to use it to seal nail polish.

“Have you painted your nails and need them to dry quickly? “Ice water dries and seals the nail polish in no time,” says Lucy. “Fill a bowl with cold water, add ice, then dip your fingers in it for thirty seconds and continue applying pressure.” Your varnish must be dry and sealed!”

Icy face

If you want your skin to look more awake and radiant, Lucy recommends trying an ice facial.

“To help soothe skin and reduce fatigue by encouraging circulation to the face for brighter skin, fill a bowl with cold water and ice cubes, dip your face in it and hold it for several seconds after cleansing,” she explains. Repeat the process several times and don’t forget to moisturize afterward!

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According to the expert, the ice facial has been “tested by many celebrities” such as Bella Hadid and Selling Sunset’s Amanza Smith.

quick solution

If you are short on time, rolling an ice cube over your face can also be effective.

“If you don’t have time for a full facial, take an ice cube and run it over your face after cleansing,” suggests Lucy. This helps reduce swelling, minimize pores and redness for smoother, more even skin.

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