Here is Paragraphica, a camera without a lens, powered by artificial intelligence

Here is Paragraphica, a camera without a lens, powered by artificial intelligence

Inspired by a blind mole, an artist has created Paragraphica, a camera without a lens. The device generates a textual description of the location, based on geolocation, and then uses artificial intelligence to create a realistic picture of the location.

Imagine a camera that has neither a lens nor a coil sensorsensor Visual. that it Paragraphica, a project by Dutch artist Bjorn Karmann. Instead of taking a photo, it uses artificial intelligence that generates photorealistic images based on its location.

Paragraphica contains raspberry byebye 4 Model B with touch screen, downloading necessary data from the web. The device generates a description of the place based on the geographic location and time of day Weather reportWeather reporttemperature, date, and nearby highlights. It has three buttons for adjusting the radius of the area for which the system can download data, the noise of the image, and the accuracy with which the AI ​​follows the request. The text is then sent to Stable Diffusion artificial intelligence which generates a realistic image.

An “image” created entirely by artificial intelligence

In place of a lens, the artist added a red shape to invoke the Star Condylure, a mole covered in small tactile appendages. The camera itself isn’t really necessary, since it doesn’t have a lens. Everything is based on the camera’s geolocation, which is data that can be simulated. The artist also offers a virtual version of the camera – which is currently the victim of great demand …

For the artist, Starry Condylure constitutes The perfect metaphor and inspiration for understanding how it worksempathyempathy With other intelligences and how they perceive the world is almost impossible to imagine from a human point of view Paragraphica is above all a work of art. It offers a way to understand the world around us that is not limited to visual perception alone “.

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