Here is Europe – Joao J. Cravino: “The war in Ukraine is not only European, it has global consequences”

Here is Europe – Joao J.  Cravino: “The war in Ukraine is not only European, it has global consequences”

While João Gomes Cravinho performs his duties in the context of the conflict in UkraineIt faces the borders of the European Union in many areas. The effect of sanctions [européennes] So real, and it shows on the military-industrial capacity of Russia. All decisions made by Russia are colossal mistakes. The economic consequences will be dire and will last for decades.

And the Portuguese Foreign Minister points out that sanctions are a non-military and non-violent tool that cannot stop the war as quickly as hoped. “But the pressure is very real,” he says.

Asked about a possible return to the “blocks,” the minister denied this possibility: “We are witnessing the building of a completely different constellation. China Those who have great ambitions in the future do not want to be placed in a situation in which Russia and the war it chose to wage do not dominate the international arena. There are certainly many countries that want to help Russia, but this is not the future that Lavrov imagines [ministre des Affaires étrangères de Russie, NDRL]. “Not very likely,” he said.

“There is no reason to be very optimistic at the moment,” Joao Gomez Cravinho laments. “It is good that China, which is conducting an intensive dialogue with Russia, is also conducting a dialogue with Ukraine. This is a message sent to Moscow.

After several years of tension between Portugal and the BrazilVisit of the Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva He caused a lot of reactions, speaking in particular about common mistakes in the conflict in Ukraine. The Portuguese foreign minister shared his reaction: “It is welcome that they understand that this is not only a European war, but a war with global consequences. […]. It is a good initiative that Brazil comes to Europe and that it is committed to this issue that is very troubling for everyone, ”he began. But João Gómez Cravinho is also procrastinating:“ We managed to issue a joint statement on Ukraine in which we clearly emphasized territorial integrity and condemned the Russian invasion. We are making progress. This does Part of the process of reintegrating Brazil into major international discussions.

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“We don’t have the same visions,” admitted the Portuguese foreign minister, invoking visions of Russia, China or India. “It’s normal, we shouldn’t make it dramatic. The most important thing is that we agree on how everyone can contribute to achieving peace, which is a goal we all want. We want a just peace.”

While Taiwan publicly raised the idea of ​​rapprochement with Portugal, in the context of the conflict with China, Joao Gomez Cravinho replied that “the future is not written, we are not doomed to an imminent conflict situation, an invasion of Taiwan by China. All this is not written. It is up to us to find other solutions.” With Taiwan so important to Europe, we must be present and have the ability to find a different future.”

On the issue of European defense, this former defense minister is authoritative: “The strategic autonomy of the European Union is very important. This can be done with integration with NATO.” […]. There are tasks that will always be more European than those of NATO.

One year before the European elections, scheduled for 2024, she declares “Europe is a much needed response” Joao Gomez Cravinho, even if It highlights a very wide gap between institutions and citizens. “We have a huge challenge to bring Europe closer to the citizens and it is absolutely necessary to prevent it from becoming disillusioned. We need a Europe,” he concludes.

The program was prepared by Isabel Romero, Perrin Desplatz, Sophie Smail and Juliette Lorraine.

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