Here are the top 3 criteria for singles in 2023 according to science

Here are the top 3 criteria for singles in 2023 according to science

to singles In search of love, the beginning of 2023 is synonymous with renewal. 71% of them admit their strong desire to dress up linked In the coming months, according to a study recently published by the dating site your dead.

As mentioned worldwidethe current context will have a direct impact on the growing desires love story. Between accelerating inflation, environmental tensions, and the war in Ukraine… singles need a break and 85% of them believe staying in a relationship is a comfort in “period of doubt“.

In 2023, what criteria are singles searching for most?

More motivated than ever to meet their better half, hearts to be taken are no less demanding… quite the opposite! Live a love story: Yes. But be careful, not with anyone. Here are the top 3 criteria for them in 2023.

No. 3: Attention

In the third position of the criteria most requested by singles, we find interest. For 32% of them, it is really a very important quality for the smooth running of a future relationship. Every day, little gestures of love make a big difference!

No. 2: Respect

Respect is supposed to rock any kind of relationship, and for 38% of single people, it’s key. That’s clearly not always the case, unfortunately… That’s why, in love, singles have made it their priority this year.

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Number 1: Sincerity

On top of the most popular values, sincerity and honesty prevail. Together, these two values ​​embody 55% of the desires of singles. Like respect, it is not uncommon for this basic criterion of desert relations … In 2023, hearts attach special importance to it.

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In addition to these three basic criteria, other values ​​tip the scales. This is particularly the case with humor, which is essential for 30% of single people. It’s a fact, funny people are especially popular with singles, who want to add a touch of lightness to their lives…and more if you like!

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