Here are 4 simple and easy recipes to get your kids to eat vegetables

Here are 4 simple and easy recipes to get your kids to eat vegetables

As we know, children often resist eating vegetables, which are very essential in their diet.

The key to success often lies in the subtle and creative incorporation of these foods into dishes that actually make them crave them.

We will show you clever recipes to get them to eat vegetables without realizing it and thus offer them a balanced diet rich in nutrients.

Vegetable pancakes, a fun and tasty alternative to traditional vegetables

Vegetable pancakes are a tasty and fun option for introducing kids to vegetables.

You can diversify the flavors by using different combinations of vegetables, such as Carrots, zucchini, spinach or cauliflower. To prepare it, you just have to grate the vegetables, mix them with eggs, flour, and spices of your choice, and then cook them in a skillet. This quick and easy recipe can be served as a side dish or as a main course with a light sauce like yogurt with herbs.

Vegetable soups and purees, a subtle solution to fussy palates

Vegetable soups and purees are a great way to get kids to eat their vegetables without even noticing.

In fact, the creamy, matte texture of the puree makes the vegetables less visible and more appetizing for the little ones. You can choose classic recipes such as soup Pumpkin, mashed cauliflower or cream of celery, or try more original mixes like carrot and red lentil soup or mashed sweet potato and peas. For added flavor and flavour, feel free to add aromatic spices and herbs to your preparations.

Vegetables hidden in children’s favorite dishes

Another effective strategy for getting kids to eat vegetables is to incorporate them into their favorite dishes.

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For example, in the preparation of lasagna, you can add a layer of Grated or mashed vegetables Between layers of pasta and bechamel. In the same way, vegetables can be added to tomato sauce from pasta or pizza, mixing them well so that no one will notice them. For burger lovers, why not put a few slices of tomato, cucumber or lettuce between the slices of bread?

Sweets with vegetables, an original and tasty idea

We don’t often think of vegetables in desserts, but it is nonetheless possible to include them in desserts and gourmet recipes to the delight of children.

the Carrot or zucchini cakes They are, for example, very tasty and soft, and allow you to enjoy the benefits of vegetables while having fun. Likewise, fruit compotes can be garnished with vegetables, such as squash or beets, to give them an original and colorful touch.

There are many ways to get kids to eat vegetables without realizing it. All it takes is a little ingenuity and creativity to subtly and playfully incorporate them into their favorite dishes. So don’t hesitate any longer, and put these tips into practice to provide your children with a well-balanced diet rich in nutrients, while making them discover the joy of eating vegetables.

By adopting these secret recipes, you will allow your children to grow up healthy and develop a taste for a varied and delicious diet.

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