Her IUD was lost in her body, and doctors found it in her colon 12 years later.

Her IUD was lost in her body, and doctors found it in her colon 12 years later.

Like many women around the world, Daniella Hampton chose to have an IUD inserted. But to her dismay, it didn't go as planned. Six weeks after her insertion in 2009, the device failed and was lost in her body, a crazy story reported by the Daily Mail. daily Mail. Then an ultrasound was done but unfortunately it was not detected.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, the young woman felt the IUD was still there and began to feel pain in her rectum. But doctors didn’t take her claims seriously, telling her there was nothing left inside her body. The story ended and life went on.

But questions remained. In fact, for nine years, she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get pregnant. Ultimately, the IUD was discovered inside her colon only after an X-ray following a car accident in April 2021. It had migrated there after perforating her uterus.

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So Daniella Hampton underwent surgery to make her biggest boobs. “satisfaction” Three years later, she was able to give birth to her second son. “The operation was elective, but at that moment I just wanted to remove this foreign object from my body.”announced in particular.

After this incident, the young woman wanted to share her story on social media, hoping to help. “Trust your body, ladies, I always knew it was there but I couldn't prove it, it was like playing hide and seek with a screw for 12 years.”She added, regretting not listening to herself. “I think it’s brave for people to insist and go further with their ideas. I definitely should have done that. I was young and naive and I trusted the doctors. I believed what they said,” She added, explaining that she also has another method of contraception.

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A phenomenon that could have had dire consequences for his health. “For two years I had a transplant in my arm at the same time. My hormones felt like they were going crazy. I had mood swings. Now I know why.

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