He loses over $28,000 in the street and they give it back to him

For this silent old man, the story is like a Swiss Christmas miracle. Two Good Samaritans returned him 20,000 francs in cash (more than $28,600) that he had lost in a car park.

The Valais cantonal police said in a press release that the man went by car to an ATM in Martiny to withdraw this huge amount of money.

Once home, he realizes that the money is missing and goes to the nearest police station to report the theft.

But the money was not stolen! It was found in the parking lot where the old man parked his car, the tickets neatly stored in an envelope containing the extract and even the home address.

“The couple went to the wretched old man’s house in order to get his money back in full,” the statement said.

In reward for a good deed, the old man, a little head in the air, but grateful, gave 500 francs to the couple.

“There lived in our canton a beautiful story of citizen honesty, a story that deserves to be shared with you on this first day of Advent,” the Valais police rejoice.

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