He kills the little dog he took in to fill his loneliness

He kills the little dog he took in to fill his loneliness

A 71-year-old Belgian slaughtered Pantoufle, a tiny Maltese who had just been given to him by a couple to help him fill his loneliness.

The animal was shown after a call the man made on social media, from the residence where he lives.

In his post, Renee said he struggled with isolation and, after his former companion Bubba died, wanted to adopt another dog, RTL info reports.

“I no longer have news from my family or friends. He also told Sudinfo, a local publication, a few days before the tragedy.

His plea was heard on Facebook.

A sympathetic couple decided to introduce their four-year-old white-haired little dog, Rene.

The meeting went well, according to the generous donors, who traveled more than 100 km to deliver the Maltese.

But the cohabitation between Renee and his new canine companion quickly deteriorates after the couple’s departure.

Pantoufel’s barking was incessant and overpowered Rene.

At about 11 p.m., the man had had enough and slashed the little animal’s throat with a knife.

It was by calling the next day to find out how the two new roommates had become accustomed to the couple’s knowledge of the tragedy.

He also recovered Pantofel’s remains, according to RTL information, and buried them in his garden, in the town of Colfontaine.

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