Has OpenAI been adopted by users?

Has OpenAI been adopted by users?

If the sizes seem impressive, compared to those of the Mountain View giant, it is only anecdotal.

In January 2023, OpenAI had just 667 million monthly visits, while Google passed … 88 billion, when Bing ChatGPT has been adopted to a maximum of 1.148 billion.

Orders of magnitude are not in favor of the AI ​​revolution.

In spite of everything, we must remember that this breakthrough was made in just 6 months, even though the search engine was founded in 1995.

It should be noted that daily visits amounted to more than 60.32 million people per day, over the past 28 days, compared to 13 million in January.

In these numbers, we note that users consult OpenAI a lot, with an average of 6.52 pages consulted by Internet users, for the 5 minutes and 12 seconds they spend on the platform.

Interestingly, the AI-powered website outperforms even Microsoft’s search engine. The latter has just under 44 million visitors over the same period.

to complete, The USA accounts for 17.91% of OpenAI traffic, ahead of China (15.27%), India (6.07%), Japan (5.54%) and Indonesia (2.71%).

Thus, the revolution is well under way, but for now, Google is not worried…

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