Happy Retirement 2: Michelle Larroque and Thierry Lermitt finally left for Portugal in the trailer

If Michelle Larroque and Terry Lermitt thought problems were behind them, they all got it wrong. Surprises abound in Happy Retirement 2. Check out the movie trailer.

happy retirement 2 : We take the same thing and start over!

after success happy retirement And the 1.2 million admissions in FranceThe sequel to Part One arrives three years later. And you don’t change the winning team: Michel Larroque and Terry Lermitt are back. Just like Fabrice Braque, who writes and directs the script for the feature film.

In this second opus, we’ll follow the two retirees living their dream. Going to Portugal is what they have been asking since the end of their careers. But when they arrive in the Lusitan country, not everything goes as planned. In fact, their holiday home is still under construction. Disappointment marks the beginning of their new adventures and grandchildren on their side.

Happy retirement 2! © SND

Reunited them again

Very active in the French film scene, the two actors spend quality time together on screen. after, after then we dance Released in March 2022, the two actors gave the answer, so they find themselves in a French comedy with the same bill. happy retirement 2 Released 20 July 2022.

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