Handball – World Championships 2023 – Live Streaming – Results – France dominates Montenegro – Sports info – Skating

Handball – World Championships 2023 – Live Streaming – Results – France dominates Montenegro – Sports info – Skating

French check

Goalkeepers: Charles Bolzinger (Montpellier HP), Remy Desponnet (Montpellier HP), Vincent Gerrard (Saint-Raphael VAR HP).

Left wing: Mathieu Greipel (Paris Saint-Germain) – Dylan Nahé (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Left-back: Thibaud BRIET (HBC Nantes) – Romain LAGARDE (Pauc) – Élohim PRANDI (Paris SG HB)

Semi-centric: Nikola KARABATIC (Paris SG HB) – Kentin MAHÉ (Veszprèm) – Nedim REMILI (PGE VIVE Kielce)

Interviewers: Ludovic Fabregas (Barcelona) – Luka Karapatek (Paris Saint-Germain) (hat) – Nicolas Tornat (BGVV Kielce).

Right-back: Deca Mem (Barcelona) – Melvin Richardson (Barcelona).

Right wing: Yannis Lane (Montpellier HP) – Valentin Porte (Montpellier HP).

Coach: Guillaume Gilles

Assistant coach: Eric MATHE

Goalkeeping coach: Jean-Luc Keefer

The last world champions

2021: Denmark

2019: Denmark

2017: France

2015: France

2013: Spain

2011: France

2009: France

Follow live and all results here

Top scorers ranking here

The first phase

(Top three from each group qualify for the main round)

Group A: Spain, Montenegro, Iran, Chile

Group B: France, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia

Group C: Sweden, Brazil, Cape Verde, Uruguay

Group D: Iceland, Portugal, Hungary and South Korea

Group E: Germany, Qatar, Serbia, Algeria

Group F: Norway, North Macedonia, Netherlands, Argentina

Group G: Egypt, Croatia, Morocco, America

Group H: Denmark, Belgium, Bahrain, Tunisia

Wednesday, January 11th

France vs Poland: 26-24, Game stats here

Coach Guillaume Gilles reaction

“You have to remember how hard it was to play the opening match. Tonight, there were a lot of elements to turn this match into a trap match: a little pressure from the crowd, weird refereeing decisions…

All this did not allow us to develop our game, we showed a bit of nervousness and nervousness which makes sense when we know that opening matches are rarely perfect.

This victory is very satisfying because it puts us on the right track, it launches the blue train well. In defence, we have shown a lot of stability, conceding few goals in attack.

Even if Luca had a strong influence on our defensive performance, we were able to find solutions to hinder her, especially in the second half.

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Thursday, January 12th

Hungary Against South Korea: 35-27

green head Against Uruguay: 33-25

Saudi vs. Slovenia : 19-33

Chile vs. Iran: 24-25

Sweden Against Brazil: 26-18

Spain Against Montenegro: 30-25

Iceland Against Portugal: 30-26

Friday, January 13th

Bahrain vs Tunisia 27-27

argentina vs. Netherlands : 19-29

Morocco vs. United States of America :27-28

Germany Against Qatar: 31-27

Egypt Against Croatia: 26-19

Serbia Against Algeria: 28-22

Denmark Against Belgium: 36-23

Norway against Macedonia: 29-22

Saturday 14 January

Brazil Against Uruguay: 35-24

the black Mountain Against Iran: 34 – 21

Portugal Against South Korea: 33-24

France against Saudi Arabia: 41-23, Match stats here

William Giles:

We tried to respect this Saudi team, and we tried to respect each other as well, and it was not easy in preparation, when you know the supposed difference in level between the two teams.

We were very serious, even if everything wasn’t perfect, the overall version is fine, and I think we more than did the job.

We respected some of our goals, like giving everyone playing time, resting some players and giving Charles his first international minutes, who was able to celebrate his first choice on the pitch.

May the ranks not swell in the infirmary. Unconsciously, this match was complicated to manage, players were probably afraid of getting injured, and they always tended to invest a little less.

It will probably be easier to dive into the game against Slovenia, which will be very important.”

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Spain Against Chile: 34-26

Iceland vs. Hungary : 28-30

Poland vs. Slovenia :23-32

Sweden Against Cape Verde: 34-27

Sunday 15 January

Egypt Against Morocco: 29-19

Germany Against Serbia: 34-33

Belgium Against Tunisia: 31-29

North Macedonia vs. Netherlands :24-34

Qatar Against Algeria: 29-24

Denmark Against Bahrain: 36-21

Norway Against Argentina: 32-21

Croatia v. USA: 40-22

Monday, January 16th

the black Mountain Against Chile: 35 – 33

Iceland Against South Korea: 38-25

Slovenia vs. France : 31-35, Game stats here

William Giles:

“It’s a very good start to the World Championship, against opponents that aren’t easy to understand, with the exception of Saudi Arabia, who were a game apart. Those four points give us more possibilities, a little bit of safety.

But we know that we will be playing against very strong teams in the main role, which we must continue to work on. We know how scenarios can evolve very quickly with this form of competition.

Do these four points give us room for error? You keep your feet on the ground. Dika Mem had a cramp, which meant he couldn’t be available tonight, as we preferred to keep him, without taking a risk.

It is difficult to imagine when and how he will return, and suddenly at what date we will find him. In any case, we made up very well for the loss associated with his absence, thanks to a great game from Nadim, which was very impressive, but also to Quentin, who played an excellent game.

Brazil Against Cape Verde: 30-28

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Poland Against Saudi Arabia: 27-24

Uruguay vs. Sweden : 12-47

Iran vs. Spain : 22-35

Portugal vs Hungary: 27-20

Tuesday 17 January

USA vs. Egypt : 16-35

Algeria vs. Germany :21-37

belgium vs. the two seas : 28-30

North Macedonia vs. Argentina : 26-35

Qatar vs. Serbia :24-34

Tunisia vs. Denmark :21-34

holland vs. Norway : 26-27

Croatia Against Morocco: 36-24

Stage 2 / Main round (Top 2 of each group in the quarter-finals)

Group A: Spain, France, Slovenia, Montenegro, Poland, Iran

Group B: Sweden, Portugal, Iceland, Hungary, Brazil, Cape Verde

Group C: Norway, Germany, Serbia, Netherlands, Qatar, Argentina

Group D: Denmark, Egypt, Croatia, Bahrain, Belgium, USA

Classify groups here

Wednesday, January 18th

Iran vs. Slovenia :21-38

Portugal vs. Brazil: 28-28

Cape Verde vs. Iceland : 30-40

France – Montenegro: 35-24, Game stats here

William Giles:

“We managed to put in all our playing time tonight, opening the bench as always. The first period didn’t allow us to separate, partly because of the quality of this Montenegrin team, but also because of certain phases on my side that didn’t allow us to validate our good performance.

We still have a good game to get into the main role in a good way. For newcomers, it is not easy to find the rhythm, sometimes there is a little tension, for them it is about finding the rhythm.

But tonight, we can take all positions, there is something to please. From now on, we will turn to Iran, an opponent who has suffered disappointments in recent days, and against whom we must obviously win.”

Sweden Against Hungary: 37-28

Spain vs. Poland: 27-23

Thursday, January 19th

Qatar vs the Netherlands

United States of America vs Bahrain

Germany vs Argentina

Egypt vs Belgium

Norway vs Serbia

Denmark vs Croatia


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