handball. Francisco “Kiko” Pereira, smile, ambition and determination at Caen Vikings

handball.  Francisco “Kiko” Pereira, smile, ambition and determination at Caen Vikings
Francisco “Kiko” Pereira quickly gained crowd support at the Caen Handball Arena. © Aline Shuttle

When a player arrives at a new club, there are often two good ways to fit into the group you’re joining: be good and be nice. Francisco Pereirawho replies to the nickname kiko, you do not have to choose. in kane handballThe Portuguese is as interesting in group life as he is effective on the field. He had barely arrived in France when his partners had already adopted him. “He put in a lot of effort right from the start, coach Roch Beddos explains. He is a social boy and his performance has given him even more credit.”

Expression of the integral in ken

Kiko, 23, is the main Vikings player. This gentleman is a ball wizard as he rarely does in Proligue. Scoring is not a concern for him, like the nine goals he scored against Nancy at the start of the season, but it is the assists that he enjoys the most. An appetite that perfectly fits into the character, firmly sociable.

I’m a person who easily blends in because I like to talk a lot. I don’t express myself very well in French yet, but I hope this will be settled in three or four months. I use an app on my phone to improve myself.

Francisco “Kiko” Pereira

Away from his family, Keiko still slacks a bit as well. “Sometimes I feel lonely. I think that’s totally normal. I come from another country, and I don’t speak the language much… It’s complicated not seeing my family and friends. But my passion for handball is dominant.”

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Kiko is the master of playing the Vikings.  A role he shares with Hugo Julien.
Kiko is the master of playing the Vikings. A role he shares with Hugo Julien. © Aline Shuttle

European champion with Benfica

A long passion for nearly two decades. Francisco was five when he followed his brother – now a Benfica Lisbon goalkeeper coach – to a gymnasium in Lamego. As a teenager, the midfielder was not afraid to pack his bags to join Lisbon, signing his first professional contract at the age of 18.

I managed to make handball my job, but I don’t want to stop there. I want to keep climbing the ladder.

Francisco Pereira

To move forward, sometimes you have to accept a step back. This summer, Kiko left the European champions team to join Caen. At Benfica Lisbon, he tested dedication by winning the ‘small’ European Cup. “I don’t have the words to describe what this means to me. It was awesome. I measure how lucky I was to play and win this competition.”

exciting start

However, the young man was limited to a rather secondary role. “I needed to play more to move forward,” he says. Caen was the perfect destination after Alice Silva, who stayed in Normandy for a few months last season, played the role of mediator. Here, Francisco Pereira is almost the keeper of the team game. Admittedly, he no longer plays in the European Cup, but his responsibilities are able to make him grow.

I think Proligue’s level isn’t far from Starligue’s. Playing in Starleague is a goal, not a dream, because I think I can achieve it.

Francisco Pereira

Dreaming, Kiko keeps him for the biggest clubs in Europe and the accompanying Champions League. “I want to be a major player,” he says. Above his knees, which he had surgery on in the past, his determination can be read in Latin: “Never give up” and “Always believe in it.” Vikings number 50 swears by hard work.

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If he was above all a passerby, Kiko has shown that he can play for many records.
If he was above all a passerby, Kiko has shown that he can play for many records. © Aline Shuttle

On this basis, he hopes to raise the bar. His first three excellent games gave way to three more neutral performances, before the early reaction to Tremblay “I felt very good at the start of the season. I didn’t play at my level after that. The club people and supporters are entitled to expect another Kiko. But as a young man, I have to learn from this.” I need to stabilize my game.”

“If you do well in the club…”

While Roche Beddos emphasized the “super player,” he expects nothing less. “His game is a little more thoughtful. He has to adjust certain aspects,” the technician specifies. The man in pink shoes – his favorite color – is still under construction. The building can take him away. Soon, perhaps Kiko will have his eyes set on the national team, who made all the youth categories in Portugal.

It’s not really a goal, but an outcome. If you do well in a club, the selection will come naturally.

Francisco Pereira

Caen should be a stepping stone in that direction for the ambitious Lusitnian, but steps remain to be taken. “He should have a few extra tools in his box,” Roche Beddos warns. This is only the beginning…

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