Hair loss is a harsh reality for men? – 98.5 Montreal

Hair loss is a harsh reality for men?  – 98.5 Montreal

Baldness is a common problem that men face as they age. By the age of 35, up to two-thirds of men will experience more or less severe hair loss. This percentage reaches 85% by the age of 50.

In short, with age, androgenetic alopecia is becoming more and more common among males.

In women, it affects one in five women by the age of 40, and then one in four women by the age of 60.

The signs of baldness can begin to appear very early, sometimes as early as adolescence. Since baldness and thinning hair can lead to lower self-confidence, many men are looking for ways to reduce it.

Hear from Dr. Michel Chagnon, a plastic surgeon who has been performing hair transplants for the past 20 years. He acquired the Montreal Bédard Clinic in 2002. They have about ten patients a week.

For the bare area, it can take two to three sessions. It all depends on the customer’s need. However, the majority of people use a single implant session.

Typical clients: Men between the ages of 30 and 55. costs? It can range from $5,000 to $20,000.

Also listen to CKOI host Francis Gilbert try to hide his hair loss.

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