Griezmann and Messi have joined forces as investors in the MasterChef winner’s business

Griezmann and Messi have joined forces as investors in the MasterChef winner’s business

Portuguese Natasha Rodriguez tells her story with Cristiano Ronaldo. She claimed to have spent the night with Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo.

Rodriguez claims that after two months of messages, the couple slept together shortly after Ronaldo met his current partner, Georgina Rodriguez.

“It was 1am and I sent him a picture of my ass with the words ‘massive kiss’ as a joke,” Rodriguez told The Sun. “I never thought he’d reply. But at 6 in the morning, he texted me and it went from there. Looking back, I wish I hadn’t.”

Things started in 2015 when Ronaldo was still in a relationship with Irina Shayk. “I couldn’t believe I was walking to Cristiano Ronaldo’s apartment,” she added. “My heart was racing but he was so sweet and sweet and told me to act like I was home.”

I took off my shoes and poured myself some juice before sitting down next to him. We talked about his apartment and where I came from. Then I took the lead, stood up, pulled my pants down and bent down to show him my ass. He hit her and said he loved her.”

According to Rodriguez, Ronaldo sent a message after the couple slept together in March 2017. “I loved it. We’ll meet again one day. Top secret please. Kisses,” he wrote. Then Ronaldo cut off contact, banning her on all platforms, and she believes he could do the same with his current partner.

Natasha is disappointed

“Cristiano let me down like a brick and he can do the same to Georgina,” she said. “They say that cheetahs never change their place and that professional footballers get a lot of attention from the pretty women they turn to. It will be the same in Manchester as in Europe.”

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“Cristiano would be a good magnet for anyone and Georgina should keep an eye on him if there is trust between them and a future for them. I was hurt by the way he dumped me by blocking my Instagram after we slept together, and it still hurts now.”

“There will always be a before and after in my life with Cristiano and the feeling that there could have been more to us, even if we didn’t end up becoming friends and girlfriends.”

Despite the accident, she wished Ronaldo a happy life

“I read that Cristiano has signed with Manchester United and I am happy for him. I think Georgina will move with him to Britain and she should move to him.” “Despite what happened with us, I hope and pray that they stay together and stay in love.”

“They seem to be the perfect couple and, despite everything, I think Cristiano could have changed as a person and as a partner. His family has grown and he is older and wiser.

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