Google wants to defend you from the Dark Web and opens its VPN to everyone!

Google wants to defend you from the Dark Web and opens its VPN to everyone!

Furthermore! Google is beefing up its single subscription offer, which provides more storage space for the giant’s services that you use. Two novelties deserve special attention.

A virtual private network for everyone!

The first is the Mountain View giant’s decision to incorporate VPN into all of its packages. You don’t have to resort to the most expensive offer, 10 euros per month, to qualify. So it will be easier for you to protect your navigation.
The expansion of this service is starting now but it is expected to take several weeks to roll it out to all users worldwide. At the moment, the VPN is available in 22 countries, including France, Belgium, and Switzerland. It can be activated on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac devices.

You can still share it with five other people, if they are associated with your subscription.
Note that Google’s VPN, like Apple’s Private Relay, allows you to choose a geographic exit area from the VPN tunnel. So it can’t be used to get a temporary US IP address, for example. Its goal is only to protect your internet browsing, which is really a lot. – VPN, from Google One, now available for all packages.

Defense Against the Dark Web Arts

The second novelty is the arrival of a new tool, currently reserved for users who live in the United States. What is it for? Monitor the dark web for any personal data that might have been stolen as part of an attack or use of a security breach.

Marketplaces selling detailed information such as phone number, address, social security number, or bank details to Internet users abound in this unindexed and hard-to-reach part of the web.
So Google offers to monitor it for you and provide you with a report. The user selects the items they want to monitor, and if Google finds a trace of them, it will notify them and advise them on what to do. For example, how to report the theft of his Social Security number to the appropriate authorities.

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Of course, if Google finds information that is additional and relevant to what you searched for, it will also notify you.

The American giant also takes the trouble to specify that the information you have entrusted to it so that it can search for traces of it on the dark web can be erased at any time by you and that it is preserved in accordance with its obligations to respect life. private to its users.

This new feature will roll out over the coming weeks in the US to all subscribers, regardless of plan. On the other hand, Google does not provide any information about its possible availability in France and other European countries.

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