Google simplifies file sharing on Android

Google has announced the upcoming arrival of several new features for Android. In the program: a significant improvement in close sharing, affinity sharing, which will become even simpler thanks to the self-care function.

Good news for Android users! Google just announced on his blog A series of updates to make phones and tablets running its own operating system more convenient. One notable feature is the Nearby Sharing function – which allows data to be transferred over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Normally, the recipient must accept the file before sending it, in order to avoid receiving unwanted files – with malware for example. However, the internet giant will remove this restriction to facilitate trade. Instead, the Self Care function will allow in the coming weeks to automatically accept files from devices robot – Smartphone, tablet, Chromebook – connected to the same Google account.

Another change – minor this time – will allow Gboard to automatically integrate emojis into messages via the Emojify function. For example, if we are talking about a cake, then T9 will offer to combine the corresponding emoji. No need to search the emoji library to spell out your message! Note that this option is only available in the beta version, which means that it is currently only available in English.

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Google Meet is more accessible and easy to use

One of the major changes relates to the video conferencing app The Google It comes together, in order to bring users closer than ever before. From now on, it will be possible to watch Youtube videos in groups and play games – like classic games Uno! And the attention Maximum of 100 correspondents. To do this, simply press the three small dots at the bottom right of the screen, and select “Activities” in the overlay menu that opens. It remains only to choose what to do from the list. For video meetings as well, users can now pin a person – whose video then appears further at the top of the screen – in order to focus their attention on them – which can be very useful for keeping their boss in touch. The eye for example. These features are currently being rolled out, and it may take several weeks.

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Google will also roll out new features to make its operating system more intuitive. Together with people who are deaf or hard of hearing, the company has developed a system capable of recognizing ambient sounds. A way to alert the user to events they might not have noticed, such as a fire alarm, someone knocking on the door, or a dog barking frantically. For this, the system will send a notification to the screen of the connected smartphone or watch, vibrate the device or activate the camera flash.

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Along the same lines, Google has decided to make TV broadcasting more accessible for blind or visually impaired people. the television and movies. For this purpose, audio descriptions on Google TV will now broadcast visual information so that you don’t miss a thing of what’s going on. A movie library with audio descriptions will also appear. To access it, all you have to do is call your Google Assistant and say Find movies with audio description.. Once again, these functions are rolling out and arriving in the coming weeks.

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