Google releases Developer Preview 2 update for Pixel smartphones

Android 13 Developer Preview 2 update is now available for download. It’s not as feature-rich as the first released last month, but it still offers a preview of some of the new capabilities coming to Google’s next-generation operating system.

Credits: Google

Almost a month after the arrival The first developer preview of Android 13And the Google just released the second version. Like the previous version, this version brings a lot of new features. Google highlighted quite a few changes in this release, such as the new notification permission, improved text wrapping and line height for some languages, as well as support for Bluetooth LE Audio.

The most important novelty is the new permission for notifications. From the Google blog post, it looks like asking for permission will be a requirement for apps Android 13.Apps targeting Android 13 will now need to request user permission before displaying notifications says Dave Burke, Vice President of Engineering at Android.

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What are the compatible Pixel smartphones?

If you want to try out the new features of Android 13, you will first need to own a compatible Pixel smartphone. Before proceeding with the installation and update installation process, we must remember that this is the Developer Preview version. as its name indicates, This is an upgraded version, and it can be very unstable. So it is recommended not to install it on your main smartphone.

You can connect your device to your computer and use the Android Flash Tool from Google to download and install Android 13 Developer Preview 2 quite easily. Make sure to remember to back up your data in case this happens. Here is a list of compatible Pixel smartphones:

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If your device is not in this list, You will have to wait for the newer versions of Android 13, whether it is the public beta or the public release. Smartphones from other manufacturers are not currently supported, but may become so in future updates or at a later date.

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