Google offers a free option for legacy G Suite accounts for personal use

PARIS, May 18 (Benin News / August) –

The Google Offer an alternative for users of old G Suite for Business accounts, who can keep them for free while they move to Google Workspace, as long as they use them for personal, non-commercial purposes.

Google Workspace is a productivity solution that brings together the tools of a tech company focused on collaborative work. Anyone with a Google account can access it since last summer.

Back in January, the manufacturer announced that it would stop offering free subscriptions to G Suite for business starting in July of this year, as it would start asking users To upgrade to a paid subscription.

However, at the beginning of April, I announced the extension of this automatic change, which will take place on June 1, without interrupting the service G Suite subscriptions.

He also noted that in order to make the change, it was necessary to configure Google Workspace service billing. before August 1, 2022.

The company will now allow G Suite business account users to stay on the free version for personal use and enjoy the following benefits for non-commercial purposes As an alternative without having to join any payment plan.

If you are using the free version of G Suite for non-commercial purposes, You can undo the move To Google Workspace,” the company said in a section of its support page, detailing the steps to keep these old accounts for free.

So Google reminded that those who choose this alternative will be able to continue using their custom domain with Gmail and retain access to Google’s free services, such as google drive there GoogleMeet, As well as keeping the purchases and data of these accounts.

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In addition, the tech company warned that this free older version of G Suite is only for For personal, non-commercial use only. Thus, those used for other purposes will be transferred to Google Workspace.

He also noted that the old free version of G Suite is not supported and in the future may also lack some commercial features.

Finally, it states that users who do not take any action will have their accounts suspended from August 1, 2022. To reactivate them, You will need to upgrade to the Google Workspace version or cancel the transfer for non-commercial use.

Users who have moved their Google Account to the Workspace service. After January 19, 2022 Those who used the old free version of G Suite for personal use will need to notify Google Support to upgrade to this free alternative.

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