Google News adopts a new interface

Google News is getting a makeover! The internet giant is preparing to overhaul the interface of its news-tracking tool – also called Google News – in order to offer more relevant and personal topics.

The Google News (Google News in English) will finally benefit from a major update to mark its 20th anniversary. Google announced today on his blog The interface has been redesigned in order to better highlight topics potentially of interest to Internet users. This requires a change in news personalization criteria. It was launched in April 2002, almost 20 years ago, the interface of the online service has changed quite a bit, with its last update dating back to 2018. However, Google News is widely used because, according to Google, it is available in more than 125 countries and in 40 languages. Every month, more than 24 billion clicks are made from Google search results and Google News.

From now on, the company strives for its algorithm to highlight the most relevant news according to the user’s centers of interest and location. “This new look for Google News on PC is inspired by feedback from readers. We’ve made it easy to follow the top stories by adding the best content, local news and personalized picks to the top of the page”, explains the Internet giant. This change is visible from the home page, where Internet users will be able to access personal information with more general information tracking key news and important topics.

More local and personal news

The first change is cosmetic, the address bar has moved to the top of the page in the form of tabs, and is no longer in a column on the left side. But above all the “Your Choice”, “Local News” and “Personalized Recommendations” sections are new. They are displayed at the top and are greatly facilitated to find. Now, the filter button allows you to add multiple locations to your local news section, so you don’t miss out on information about the cities and towns your users are interested in. It’s easy to realize what’s going on around your house!

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Emphasis is also placed on personalizing topics of interest to Internet users. This is a new feature that allows you to scroll and click on the most interesting articles. It is possible to add, delete and reorganize addresses. Simply click on the blue personalization button at the top right of the Your Themes section.

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Google has announced that the new version of Google News will be published from Wednesday, but it will take some time for all users to benefit from it.

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