Google Lens will decode doctors’ handwriting

Google Lens will decode doctors’ handwriting

Prescriptions handwritten by doctors have the peculiarity of being completely illegible to ordinary humans. Also in this area, artificial intelligence can be used!

At the Google for India event, where the search engine made announcements for its markets in Southeast Asia, the company revealed a new feature that will be useful around the world. Google will use the AI ​​capabilities of Google Lens to decode doctors’ prescriptions!

The power of Google Lens to read prescriptions

We can smile, but poorly written or incomprehensible prescriptions can be dangerous for patients. How many medications should be taken? What time of the day? and how many days? Crucial information you absolutely need to know and unfortunately, it’s sometimes impossible to find in prescriptions.

Google is working with pharmacists to write doctors. Google Lens servers will support the functionality, and you will need to take a picture of the prescription or upload it from the smartphone gallery. Once you scan the image, the app will detect and highlight the mentioned medicines on the paper.

The user will not be left alone with this information. Google says the technology will serve as an assistive technology for digitizing handwritten medical documents, but ” No decision will be made solely on the basis of the outcome provided by this technique Google has not announced when this feature will be available, in India (where it has more than half a billion users) or anywhere else.

Google Lens over time has become a major technology and almost a platform as such. So much so that an image analysis tool was made It appears on the Google homepage !

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