Good tanning habits you should adopt this summer

Good tanning habits you should adopt this summer

The sun… this star that, once shining and sparkling with thousands of lights, brings us happiness, is nevertheless a formidable enemy of the skin. However, it is possible to protect yourself as much as possible to really benefit from it. We tell you everything!

Be careful of UV rays every day

If wearing sunscreen in general has become a reaction to being at the beach or by the pool, It should be the same in summer in the city. Because the sun shines everywhere, even on the balcony or in the garden, let alone, If the weather is grey, ultraviolet rays still pass through the clouds Or a window. Hence the importance Choose day care with sun protectionBecause you should know that not all ultraviolet rays have the same effect on the skin. Thus, UVA rays are responsible for the appearance of the first tan, but they penetrate deeper into the different layers of the skin. Accelerate aging. While UVB rays act a little more superficially and are the cause of sunburn. Without forgetting blue light, which is part of visible light and attacks the skin on a daily basis Increased oxidative stressAnd thus the risk of pigmentary disorders.

Choose your SPF wisely

SPF(l Sun protection factor Or solar protection factor) is a Index that determines the degree of protection of a product against ultraviolet rays (UVB).. Therefore, the higher it is, the more the same UV rays are filtered out. For example, SPF 50 can filter out 99% of rays, while SPF 30 can filter out 97% of rays without much difference. Therefore, both of them do not prevent the skin from darkening at all, but they do The best guarantors of reducing damage caused by the sun as much as possible. Protection against UVA rays is represented by a logo represented by the term UVA surrounded by a circle. In order for us to be able to paste this logo on a sunscreen product, it must have protection equivalent to a third of its sun protection factor (SPF).

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Make the most of your solar product

The sun protection factor (SPF) of the product is calculated in the laboratory according to precise criteria, based on an application of 2 mg of product per square centimeter of skin, equivalent to 6 teaspoons of body cream for an adult. But the reality is often quite different, with somewhat negligent application, which ultimately results in less protection. Hence the importance Apply the product in sufficient quantityAbove all Renew this application every two hours To always be well protected. But be careful, it is best not to use your solar product from year to year, once it has been opened. Because it is exposed to the sun and heat, it gradually loses its effectiveness. It's best, once you return from vacation, to finish the tube or bottle as a facial or body treatment.

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