GitHub HR Chief Resigns in Light of Jewish Employee Termination – TechCrunch

GitHub HR Chief Resigns in Light of Jewish Employee Termination - TechCrunch

An internal GitHub investigation revealed that the company made “serious errors of judgment and procedures” in The expulsion of the Jewish employee Who warned his co-workers about the presence of the Nazis in the metropolitan area on the day of the revolt at the US Capitol.

In today’s blog postErica Brescia, COO at GitHub, said the company’s head of human resources took full responsibility for what happened and resigned from the company yesterday. GitHub has not revealed the name of the person who resigned, but it is widely known that Carrie Olesen was GitHub’s chief human resource officer.

In a tweet last night, Gia Colossi, GitHub’s chief global human resource services director, made some comments about the company and HR. This tweet has since been deleted but the screenshot is below.

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In a subsequent tweet, she added, “Women are in HR to clean up men’s mess. I’m done and tired.”

Meanwhile, GitHub says it has “backed away from the separation decision with the employee” and is talking to his representative.

“We would like to publicly say to the employee: We sincerely apologize,” Brescia said in the blog post

After the dismissed employee made a comment in Slack saying, “Keep safe friends, the Nazis are about,” his co-employee offended saying that this kind of rhetoric is not good for work, as the former employee told me previously. Two days later, he was fired, with the human relations representative citing a “pattern of behavior not conducive to company policy” as a rationale for his termination, he told me.

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In an interview with TechCrunch earlier this week, the now ex-employee said he was genuinely concerned about his co-workers in the area, as well as his Jewish family members. During that interview, he said that he would not be interested in getting his job back, but that he would be interested in other forms of reconciliation.

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