German city allows topless people in its swimming pools

The German city of Göttingen will become the first city in the country to allow the practice of bare breasts in swimming pools, a measure aimed at achieving greater gender equality.

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This measure will be limited to weekends and should come into effect from 1Verse May until the end of August we learned Thursday after the municipality.

With this decision, the city became a leader in the country regarding the debate on equal treatment of the sexes to be able to show the naked torso of an individual in water entertainment establishments, such as swimming pools.

In Germany, most saunas are already mixed and require their clients to be naked for health reasons.

The decision followed an accident last fall at one of the city’s swimming pools.

An officer had asked a bather, whom he considered a woman, to cover his chest. But this person refused because he was identified as male and denied entry to the institution.

This situation sparked a lively debate within the municipality, which finally announced this week that shirtless swimming is open to all.

However, the discussion on this topic is not closed. However, some in the city regret the decision to limit this possibility to weekends only.

The municipality justified itself by pointing out that this should not affect school swimming lessons during the week.

The director of an aquatic center told a local newspaper that a compromise had to be found with “users from other cultures” for whom nudity could be a nuisance.

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