Georgia – Portugal (2-0) / Czech Republic – Türkiye (1-2): Summary of the historical performance of the Georgians

Georgia – Portugal (2-0) / Czech Republic – Türkiye (1-2): Summary of the historical performance of the Georgians

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Georgia for history, Türkiye was hot

After an exciting match, Georgia achieved the greatest achievement in their history by qualifying for the round of 16 of the Euro. Amazing with great desire, Willy Sagnol chose Portugal with coolness, and opened the scoring from the start through the amazing Kvaratskhelia (2nd). In the second half, Mikautadze, from a penalty kick (57), confirmed the victory (2-0), and the whole team celebrated.

Türkiye, which needed a draw with the Czech Republic to qualify, was frightened. But his fate became easier after the early red card for Barak (20th), then the opening score for Calhanoglu (51st). But the equalizer scored by Soucek (66) shocked Montella's men, who did not receive the ball until the end of the match, through Tosun on the counterattack (90+6).

It's tough for Hungary

In third place in Group A, the Hungarians believed in qualification until the last match of the group stage. But in the end they fell from a height and will not see the eighth place.

Portugal faces Slovenia and Austria faces Türkiye

With these latest results, we have all the posters for the eighth. Portugal will face Slovenia on Monday at 9pm. Austria will play Turkey on Tuesday at 9pm.

Georgia vs Spain

With this victory against Portugal, the Georgians qualified for eighth place for the first time in their history, as the best third-place finishers. They will face Spain in the next round on Sunday at 9pm.

The Czech Republic was eliminated fourth.

The beginning of the fighting between the Turks and the Czechs

A fight broke out on the field after the match.

90+8' Türkiye eliminates the Czechs (2-1)

Despite sweating at the end of the match, the Turks confirmed their place in the round of 16. Thanks to a late goal, they snatched victory over the Czech Republic (2-1). Reduced to ten after 20 minutes, the latter is eliminated and may feel remorse.

90+5' The goal is confirmed for Georgia.

At the end of an exciting match, the Georgians defeated Portugal (2-0) to reach the round of 16. They will play Spain on Sunday!

90+4' What a finish from Mamardashvili

Another great save on a long shot from the Georgian goalkeeper. He is in a state of grace and engaged to his teammates.

90+2' Great save on Mamardashvili's shot

From close range the Georgian goalkeeper scored a wonderful goal past Semedo. Nothing can happen to this team tonight.

88' The Turks look threatened

A shot from Yokuslu over the top, then another hot situation in the area.. The Turks did not give up. The match could go either way.

85' Mikautadze shines

A high-level move from the Georgian striker, who connects two small bridges and serves Davitashvili. But the striker fails to complete this sublime feat, from a very narrow angle.

82' The goal was denied to the Czechs

Kuchta scores a goal after intense tension in the Turkish region. But the referee directly indicates that there was a foul at the start of play. No time for joy.

80' The Czechs are pressing

New opportunities with successive crosses for the Czechs, who are now besieging the Turkish area.

77' The Portuguese can't do it anymore

Now it becomes futile for Portugal facing the Georgian bloc. The force imposed by Willy Sagnol's men is impressive.

73' We will have to manage Türkiye

What position should the Turks take: ten against eleven? They must certainly hold on to the draw to avoid elimination, having qualified for a very long time in the evening.

71' Chakvetadze in power

Another great goal against the Georgians, who sent Chakvetadze into orbit on the right side. But the striker's powerful shot from the edge of the penalty area went over the goal.

66' Goal for the Czechs! (1-1)

After much thought by the referee, the goal was awarded to Soucek, who followed it up well after a missed exit from Gunuk!

This starts everything again for the Czech Republic, who can once again believe in the victory that means qualification.

66' Ronaldo leaves his place

Portugal captain Goncalo Ramos replaces him.

65'Kvaratskhelia's skill

What a festival from the Georgian, who launches into a series of dribbles through four players and manages to get a foul…

62' The Turks are still on top

In the other match, the Turks continued to press even after Calhanoglu's goal. The Czechs stick their tongues out at 10 to 11.

57' Mikotadze confirms (2-0)

Solid Mikautadze, who hits hard to his right. It's unstoppable, Georgia maintains its credentials!

55' Penalty kick for Georgia

The referee consults VAR to check the foul committed by Luchushvili in the opponent's area. The Georgian is a bit hooked, but enough to get a penalty.

54' Exceptional save by Mamardashvili

With a shot from Dalot at the entrance of the area, the ball flies towards the top corner… and the Georgian goalkeeper has to make an exceptional save to preserve the result!

52' Türkiye opens the scoring (1-0)

After Stanek's first amazing save, the ball returns to Calhanoglu. From the outside, the midfielder, despite being out of the middle, deceives the Czech goalkeeper. Turkey is one step away from qualification!

50' Georgia misses the break

What a shame for Georgia. At a distance, Mikautadze and then Kvaratskhelia, uncovered in the area, unable to pick out a fleeing cross into the area… It smelled like a break.

47' Double chance for Portugal!

Ronaldo will bite his fingers: in the corner, he loses his support when striking and sees his shot, blocked by a defender, with a header. Around the next corner, it's really hot again but next to it…

46' Conceicao starts strong

Strong start for Portugal. Conceicao breaks away, enters the area and rolls… but it's blocked and a corner.

46' Neves enters

Substitution at the end of the first half for Portugal. Neves comes on for Palhinha.

46' Here we go again!

The four teams returned to the field.

Sad record for Barack

Georgia sticks to its credentials

Georgia, which is ahead of Portugal, currently has four points and offers itself third place.

Türkiye, with the current draw, temporarily eliminates the Czechs, who will have to push for a win if they want to see the eighth.

45+3' Czech Republic and Turkey draw (0-0)

In a difficult first half, Turkey is currently faltering against the Czech Republic, which reduced the number of its players to ten players since the 20th minute.

45+2' End of the first half, Georgia in front (1-0)

The surprise of this last group stage match: Portugal was attacked by the Georgian attacking duo, running from behind the score. The Seleção, in control, increased its strikes from distance, but to no avail.

45+1' Another Portuguese shot from far away

This time, it's Joao Felix, at ground level from a height of 25 metres… but Mamardashvili is alert.

41' Discomfort among the Portuguese

The Portuguese largely dominated, failing to find fault. This annoys Martinez, the coach, and Ronaldo, the captain, who make erratic gestures.

37' The atmosphere is volatile between Türkiye and the Czech Republic

Many mistakes in this first half. We feel some tension, especially after the Czech Republic was effectively eliminated.

34' Ronaldo is approaching

A beautiful Portuguese combination, allowing Ronaldo to find himself in a good shooting position in a tight angle on the left side… but the last-minute return of Gvilisiani, who responds from a corner kick, saves his team.

31' Felix's face!

A wonderful shot from the Portuguese passed within a few centimeters of the equaliser. On a good ball scratched at the entrance to the area, he took his charge from 20 meters out…but it went a little wide to the right.

30' Türkiye is still dominant

Now, eleven versus ten, the Turks continue to occupy the opposing half of the field. Without being really dangerous.

26' Conceicao Fillet Small

A cross ball from Mamardashvili rushes Conceiçao from the right side. The Portuguese tries a half-volley but misses a bit…it ends up in a small net.

23' Palinha shoots from far away

The Portuguese midfielder, sent in by Felix, tries a long shot from mid-height. But Mamardashvili holds on without worry.

'21' Red card for Barak for Czech Republic in the 10th minute

Barak steps on Ozcan's foot and is logically punished with a yellow card… his second in 9 minutes! He leaves his partners at 10 o'clock.

21' Felix's free kick is too long.

From 30 metres out along the touchline, Felix's free-kick goes straight into the area towards the far post… but it's a bit too far for his teammates to take. It was dangerous.

18' Dalot next

The Portuguese midfielder receives a long cross from the left at the far post… but his header is not supported enough and goes wide of the goal.

17' Ronaldo's missile from a free kick

A powerful strike from the Portuguese from 30 meters away, just under the crossbar! But it is crucial that we deceive Mamardashvili.

13' The Georgians are in a counterattack

Georgia have settled in to play out from the back but are active on the counter-attack with Mikautadze and Kvaratskhelia. It is difficult for Portugal to plan ahead.

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