Gas consumption decreased by 20% from August to November in Europe

Gas consumption decreased by 20% from August to November in Europe

It’s more than expected! the Natural gas consumption in the European Union Decreased by 20.1% in August-November compared to the previous five-year average for the same period, more than target 15%Eurostat announced on Tuesday. in the face of al Big discounts on Russian gas shipmentsIn the context of The war in UkraineThe 27 European Union countries agreed at the end of July to Voluntarily reduce gas consumption Between August 1, 2022, and March 31, 2023.

From August to November 2022, consumption decreased “in most member states,” the European Statistics Office confirmed. In a press release. Eurostat did not provide an analysis of the reasons for this decline, which can partly be explained by a particularly mild autumn in Europe, by additional efforts made by consumers or by declining production in some industries.

It reaches -52% in Finland

In 18 EU countries, consumption has fallen beyond the target, sometimes very significantly. Thus, gas consumption decreased by 52.7% in Finland, by 43.2% in Latvia and by 41.6% in Lithuania. Six other countries managed to reduce their consumption, but did not reach the target. This is particularly the case in Spain, Italy and Portugal. Finally, two member countries, Malta (+7.1%) and Slovakia (+2.6%) saw their consumption increase. The marked decline in France It was within the EU average. Eurostat notes that gas consumption in the EU has consistently remained below average over the past five years since January.

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