From Sao Paulo to Toulon, who is TEF’s beloved defender, Vigao?

The legend collapses. Feijão (translation: “bean”), Tolune’s nickname Felipe de Sousa Franco, may love feijoada, Brazil’s national dish, it’s not his specialty. “Ah! No, in the team, it’s Vinnie (from Menezes) Who does the best? I don’t risk cooking “, Laugh.

No, this nickname that goes back to childhood, must be more than the mole adorning his left cheek. In French, we are closer to leeks than to beans.

What does it matter! vigao (“In futsal, if I say ‘Philippe’, nobody knows me.”Not here to tell stories. But it is good that he has established himself as the (future) president of TEF, as he enters his third season. And where everyone applauds the state of mind of former Kremlin Bester, the club he will face for the first time this afternoon. (read below),

From executioner to ally

At the age of twenty-nine, he has all the qualities required to become a manager in Toulon. “He’s a complete player, he doesn’t show off. He might not be impressive, but he’s good all around and he has both feet”, appreciates the manager Sassi Bennacer, who sees in him a boy who can score in the long term, like Thiago Souza, Neto and Bubba before him. He was also looking to lure him with the red and black jersey from 2018 and lost the final against KB Feijão. Or how to make your executioner an ally.

“I mostly talked to Jhow (former Toulonnais goleador), who I played with in Barueri, Brazil. He told me I could come quietly. I am competitive and I can see that Toulon has always played at the top of the table, Paulista explains. And then in Paris, it’s cold…”

stability and playstation

It supports this climate for a little longer, which is when the second Champions League play with KB, “The club that opened the doors for me in France (in 2016) – through an agent I never saw again”. His arrival at TEF won’t come until 2020, following a Portuguese arc, and while KB, undermined by additional athletic issues, is relegated to D2.

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Without this incident, Vigau would have remained in the Parisian suburbs. “I don’t like changing clubs every six months.”sets out the one who came to get settled in Var, where his wife Barbara and his wife Anna Laura joined him for good. “They left their lives in Brazil for me. When I enter the stadium, I do my best for them too”he beckons.

With them, he loves to walk in the city or on the beaches of Morelon. And when he can, he connects FIFA to his PlayStation. “It annoys my wife sometimes, but it calms me down, especially after defeats. There she is very upset. (Laugh) , But I hope that will change.”

Even the player is convinced of this, while Toulon’s failed start to the season (three defeats in four matches) goes – inevitably – on the beans … “I know we’ll get there. We have excellent players, we create a lot of chances… You just have to score and keep calm when you’re in trouble. But the key will be with it.”

In addition, on a personal level, he has a key number to honor: he has always played in the D1 qualifiers (again this season). “It’s the club’s goal, we have to qualify. We have a very good coach, Phyllis, who is a great person, like all the staff by the way. We have the same vision for the game, with a lot of moves. The only problem is that you have to score”interspersed with it.

Streets of Sao Paulo in Qatar

Felipe Vigao is described as a calm man, who is also full of humility. A legacy, no doubt, from his humble childhood in São Paulo, surrounded by his two sisters, a father who runs a construction equipment store and a mother who works in human resources. “We were not rich, but I never lost anything, He says. Football started on the street with friends every day after school.”

At a very young age, he joined the futsal teams, passed through the incubator of the São Paulo Football Club and then the highly respected Barueri, on the outskirts of the big city. “This is where I learned the most tactically. A lot of good players came out of it”He confirmed, citing in particular the Brazilian international player Diego Nunes (Benfica), who accompanied him to Qatar in his first season with the professionals. “I was 18 and it was very difficult to leave the house, but it was an experience that made me grow”, Feijão poses. He then recharges his batteries for four seasons at home, still in Barueri, before coming to reside in France. his adopted country. But I’m not sure he’ll ever start making pesto soup.

Toulon group: Kirumi, Moraes – Boba, Neto, Figao, Misa Maldonado, Barak, Renan, William, Celso, de Menezes.

Entr: Felice Mastropierro.

Absentees: Coulomb, Bouachba, Badalinsky, Dubois.

Felipe Vigao

Born August 6, 1993 in Brazil. 29 year.

stationary station.

Successive clubs: Centro Esportivo AEB, Banespa, São Paulo FC, Barueri (BRE, Youth), Al-Khor (QAT, 2011-12), Barueri (BRE, 12-16), Le Kremlin-Bicêtre (16-Dec 19) , Viseu (POR, 19-20), Toulon (since 2020).

Palmares: French champion (18) and cup winner (18), D1 finalist (17).

18 goals he scored with TEF.

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