From La Courneuve to the countryside of Valérie Pécresse, itinerary of Geoffrey Carvalhinho, room driver

This is his last hug. Thursday 7 April in the evening, in Lyon, Geoffrey Carvalenho was scheduled to move Valérie Pécresse’s last meeting before the first round. At the age of 32, this regional advisor from Ile-de-France became the mascot and signature of public meetings for the candidate of the Party of the Republic (LR). Are you ready to welcome the next President of the Republic? »He screams before he sings, according to the established weather “Valerie! »And the “Valerie! »

The more he slipped in the polls, the more passionate he became about it. “You will remember this meeting twenty years later!”Released February 14th at Zenith. an obsession, but not in the hoped-for way, while the event, if lost, hastens the sounding fall.

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The common thread of the campaign, Carvalhinho is a pillar of the Pécresse team. The culmination of a long struggle. His father is a Portuguese worker. His mother is a secretary. It’s because of the movie Angelica, Marquis of Angels The latter – whose father was a projector – calls her son Jeffrey. He grew up at HLM in La Courneuve, shared a room with his siblings, and earned BA in Mechanical Engineering and BTS.

“Heart Balm”

Il a 15 ans en 2005 quand Sidi-Ahmed, 11 ans, prend une balle perdue au pied d’un immeuble de la cité des 4 000. Il vit à 600 mètres, assiste à la visite du ministre de l’intérieur Nicolas Sarkozy, who wants “Clean the city with Kärcher” Before we promise the population more police and more jobs. “I understood that politics is the only way to change things”, He said. He pushes the door of the Permanent Union for a Popular Movement party, and grieves his parents who have always voted left.

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From a simple activist, he became the number two young LRs in 2015, and joined the Pécresse Cabinet in 2018, in charge of elected officials, ‘least educated’ from the team. In the municipal elections of 2014, he was the youngest candidate in the town of Bantin (Seine-Saint-Denis) where more than 30 thousand people live. He was defeated before being elected to the district in 2021.

The candidate assigned him to lead its meetings in addition to “Life of Struggle”. “The goal is to create the spark before it happens.”Says the person who describes himself as “A little crazy” into the microphone. With the campaign unraveling, his tour of France could have become the Way of the Cross, but he, the Good Soldier, sees no such things: “People bother to come, I have to make them feel good. To their joy because they believe in it!”

On April 3, Porte de Versailles, in Paris, painted three dance steps on stage, to the sound of techno music. Elegant and cheerful to the finish, like a conductor Titanicand Wallace Hartley, made history to continue playing on the deck, as the hull creaked and the water fell.

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