From a historical perspective: Historian says: Biden should remain a candidate

From a historical perspective: Historian says: Biden should remain a candidate

A historian who has accurately predicted the results of nine of the last 10 elections appealed to Democratic Party leaders on Monday not to abandon President Joe Biden.

Last week, according to many observers, Biden gave a tough performance against Donald Trump.

American University professor Allan Lichtman believes Democrats would make a big mistake by abandoning President Biden.

“Remember, all the experts saw Hillary Clinton winning three debates in 2016,” he told CNN. “They all said Trump was finished. And they're often wrong.” […] As for Biden's abilities, I'm not a neurologist. [les observateurs] “They are not neurologists. They are not qualified to comment on this matter.”

“I would just say that it is much better to judge Biden based on the three-plus years of his presidency than on 90 minutes,” he added.

The professor's prediction system has guessed the winner of every presidential election except one since 1984. It is based on 13 “White House keywords”: term of office, party, competition, third-party party, long-term economy, short-term economy, policy change, social unrest, scandal, incumbent charisma, opponent appeal, and foreign policy successes.

A candidate from a major political party “has never been reelected in an uncertain or contested nomination” since the 20th century, Allan Lichtman said.

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