France-Portugal season 2022: a rich collaboration between the French National Center for Space Studies and Bor

France-Portugal season 2022: a rich collaboration between the French National Center for Space Studies and Bor
Opening of the 2022 Franco-Portuguese crossover season Credits: © CNES / DE PRADA Thierry, 2022

Opened last February, the season will revolve around key themes such as oceans, environmental protection, and inclusion values, and will also aim to bring together the youth of the two countries. “This program is an opportunity for the French National Center for Space Studies to disseminate and impart space culture, especially to young people, while having fun.”, Explains Natalie Ribeiro Vieira, France-Portugal Season of Communication coordinator, jointly with Amelie Gravier, Head of Bilateral Relations with Portugal at the French National Center for Space Studies.

This event is also an opportunity for the French and Portuguese space agencies to strengthen their cooperation, as evidenced by the diversity of joint-branded projects.

03/03/2022: The launch of the space component of the season in Toulouse

On the last 3/3, The first event happened in Toulouse The two space agencies were able to jointly present the upcoming space events for the France-Portugal season, while discussing the long-term sustainable cooperation that exists between the French National Center for Space Studies and Space Portugal. The event was held in the presence of representatives from Toulouse City Council, Institut Français, Portugal Space, CNES, Ciencia Viva (Portuguese Organization for the Promotion of Science among Young People) and Planète Sciences. after the words Planete Sciences . Organizers He introduced officials to entertainment provided to Portuguese schoolchildren aboard the Spatiobus during his Portuguese tour in March. Then the young Toulouse fans were able to spot them in the preview!

March 2022 – The Spatiobus in Portugal

Spatiobus was created by CNES, a roving tool for animation and science dissemination about space. For the first time in its history, Spatiobus has left France to go to Portugal where he is on a north-south main tour from 07 to 03/25/2022. in . format Ciencia Viva, Portuguese Scientific Mediation OrganizationSchool children are invited to participate in activities and experiences offered by Planète Sciences, a CNES partner. In the program, various activities such as building small satellites, precision paper rockets, but also oceanographic activities and a workshop for building Mars bases. All the adventures of Spacebus are To follow regularly on his dedicated blog !

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The Spatiobus and its track credits: © CNES / DE PRADA Thierry, 2022

March/May 2022 – Photo Gallery: French and Portuguese Coasts Under the Eye of Satellites

double exposure named “French and Portuguese coasts under the eye of satellites” It is organized in Bordeaux and Guimarães. Images taken by the French Pléiades and Portugal’s Geosat satellites are shown. “The purpose of the exhibition is to raise awareness among the general public about the protection of the oceans, their environment and biodiversity.” Says Natalie Ribeiro Vieira.

The exhibition will also show the importance of Earth observation tools to support environmental, but also social, scientific, economic and political issues.

I will have the pleasure of discovering this exhibition from 03/14/2022 to 05/10/2022 at the Place des Arts et de la Créativité in Guimarães and from 04 to 29/04/2022 in Bordeaux at the gates of the Public Garden.

October 2022 – Like a Student: An International Team in Weightlessness!

Each year, as part of the Youth Education Program, The French National Center for Space Studies is organizing the “Student Ideal” campaign, which allows student teams to conduct experiments in weightlessness on board an Airbus Zero G.

This year, with the aim of student collaboration between France and Portugal, the two space agencies have worked to bring schools and universities together in order to create international teams. The LOTUS project was selected, the result of a collaboration between ISAE / Supaero students and the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. The experiment will test models of original structures in microgravity. Students were able to meet during a virtual workshop on 16/12/2021. The Parabolic Flight Campaign will take place from 3-7/10/2022 in Mérignac, France.

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Equivalent Flight Credits: © CNES / ROUQUETTE Sebastien, 2011

July/October 2022 – EuRoc and C’Space: Tutorials in the spotlight!

EuRoc and C’Space are respectively education programs from Portugal Space and CNES. Both are intended to launch experimental missiles. As part of the France-Portugal season, the two agencies are pooling their communication efforts around campaigns planned in July for C’Space and October for EuRoc.

C’Space is the summer meeting place for students to launch experimental rockets, but also balloons and cans designed during the year. The launch will take place from 16 to 23/07/2022 in Tarbes. EuRoc takes the form of a competition between teams of students selected to produce and launch experimental rockets on the Ponte de Sur campus, from 11-18/10/2022.

Today, Thanks to the France-Portugal season, both agencies are keen to promote the space and its usefulness to the general public. Natalie Ribeiro Vieira, ” This partnership with the Institut Français and Portugal Space meets the objectives of the CNES communication policy that has been implemented since the creation of CNES 60 years ago.. Thus, by increasing youth awareness of these technologies, the French National Center for Astronomical and Space Studies also encourages children and young people to study science, technology and engineering and try to encourage careers. These activities are also part of the CNES educational policy objectives.

The France-Portugal season is a good example of the already rich cooperation between the French National Center for Space Studies and the young Portuguese Space Agency, created in March 2019, which signed its first agreement with the French National Center for Space Studies in June of the same year. This portends great cooperation in the future!

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in your calendars! Credits: iStock/Getty Images Plus

in your calendars!

  • 03/03: Departure in Toulouse
  • 07 – 25/03: Spacebus in Portugal
  • 03/14 – 10/05: Exhibition “French and Portuguese Coasts Under the Eye of Satellites” in Guimarães
  • 04 – 29/04: Exhibition “French and Portuguese Coasts Under the Eye of Satellites” in Bordeaux
  • 16 – 23/07: C’Space 2022 in Tarbes
  • 02 – 07/10 : The French-Portuguese “Student Ideal” campaign in Mérignac
  • 11 – 18/10 : EuRoc in Ponte de Sur

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