Fortnite Map Recreates Sci-Fi FPS Bioshock


The Fortnite map has undergone dozens of changes, particularly with the reality tree doing its job, but in addition to the classic Rocket League and board games, you can now experience the Sci-fi FPS Bioshock inside Epic’s battle royale, thanks to an inspiring gameplay. Create a fan.

We’ve already seen an amazing Spider-Man themed swing map, and the Fortnite version of Overwatch 2, complete with powers and objectives. But Rapture, the failed underwater utopia of the first Bioshock in 2008, looks absolutely gorgeous, with its Art Deco architecture, mood lighting, and old-school Big Daddy jumpsuit.


Flux_Capacimoose posted a video on Reddit They show their new card. It’s a surprisingly beautiful experience in the dystopian world of Rapture, with a rain screen covering the screen for added impact, water surrounding you on all sides, and the odd mix of commercials and classic sculptures that helped make Bioshock’s world so unsettling. . You also have to like the skin and the ax that were used in the video itself, as both add a lot of extra originality.

We think a small group playing a free-for-all game on the map would be fun, but you’ll have to try it out for yourself to get the full experience. Just use the island code 3885-0261-7529.

If all of this makes you want to tear down a dystopian future, it’s probably easier with the Ripsaw launcher, which we know all about. You may also want to try some of the other best FPS games on PC, including Halo Infinite and Doom Eternal.

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