Foreign aid can do nothing for Haiti

Foreign aid can do nothing for Haiti

The Haitian government is asking for help. Street gangs terrorize residents of several cities. The fuel shortage is crippling the economy. High inflation threatens the life of a part of the population.

Should the United States and Canada help Haiti? Sending armed forces there to restore order? The answer is no.

Because this foreign aid can do nothing for Haiti.

Such foreign aid would also irritate a portion of the population who fear foreign interference and who see such interference as a humiliating return to the colonial era.

These fears are unfounded. Western countries did not live in the age of colonies for long.


But it is an illusion to think that foreigners can save Haiti from the corruption and incompetence of its economic and political elites.

Instead, it is expected that foreign forces will soon be blamed for all the evil and that foreigners will once again be used as scapegoats by Haitian elites to justify their misdeed.

If Haiti’s political and economic elites are asking for help from foreigners, it is because they are beginning to fear losing their possessions and their lives.

In addition, foreigners will arrive in welcome currencies…

Help the Haitian Army

Haiti is not yet over its suffering. Street gangs will enforce their orders there. Will these new thieves be more successful than those who have ruled Haiti so far? Mostly not.

But Canadians and Americans would not be wise to place themselves among the old elites and the rebels.

If a few good souls want to try to help Haiti in spite of everything, they fund and arm the small Haitian army. It remains the best political force to restore order in this country. This solution is not a panacea. It may involve the establishment of a transitional military regime. But at the point where Haiti was…

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