Forced to lie on the emergency room floor because he was denied a stretcher

A man with so much pain in his back that he can’t stand or sit for more than three minutes, smoked him so much that he had to lie on the dirty floor in Saint-Hyacinthe’s emergency room because trash was refused.

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“It’s a horror story to be handled this way,” says Eric Jay, who is still traumatized. The animal will be treated better! ”

This 50-year-old teacher has had back pain since falling on the snow at school in 2012. Bedridden since last April, Suraloa has not been paralyzed, but the pain has prevented him from standing or sitting for more than three minutes.

unbearable pain

“When I stand or sit, the counter goes off. It’s a 10 out of 10 pain. It’s unbearable,” he says.

On the morning of June 17, Mr. Guy went to the emergency room at Saint-Hyacinthe Hospital in hopes of seeing a specialist. Upon his arrival, his wife made inquiries to obtain a stretcher urgently.

“We were told to get into the emergency in a wheelchair, and they would find me a stretcher,” says the man.

However, there was no stretcher or bed available upon his arrival, he laments, adding that the emergency room was deserted.

“I told the security guard that I was in terrible pain, and that I had to lie on the floor. I was crying.”

According to the patient, the triage nurse insisted on staying in a wheelchair. Then the situation deteriorated, he says.

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“I lay on the floor writhing and writhing in pain, and they all started yelling at me! They were telling me to get up, but I didn’t feel my right leg anymore, it was so numb.”

Mr. Guy says he was threatened with expulsion because he was a “hostile patient”.

‘Like a wounded animal’

The teacher says he was then ordered to move because he could not stay there. He swears that no help was given to him.

“Like a wounded animal, I crawled to the ground for 20 feet. My girlfriend started crying,” he said, still in shock.

Mr. Jay, after being called to sort the beds, said he was again refused a bed by the nurse, despite a bed nearby.

“I went back to bed next to her for the exam, on the dirty floor of the emergency room! She was very rigid.

The latter indicates that everything changed after this examination, and that he was finally put on a stretcher, 30 minutes later.

“They saw that I should take care of them!” says the man, who was brought home after a week of hospitalization, without a diagnosis.

Required operation

Two weeks later, he was seen at the University Hospital Center of Montreal. It was confirmed that a disc in his back was crushing nerves and that he would have to have surgery again.

interrogated by NewspaperIn Saint-Hyacinthe Hospital, management wrote that Mr. Guy was “assigned to a stretcher as soon as possible to assess his condition”.

For his part, the department told Mr. Jay that: “Giving a stretcher to the emergency room is against protocol because everyone is asking for one,” he repeats.

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“I was really angry, what I was told was nonsense. At the lane, they brought a stretcher beside the car, and it irritated the guy who doesn’t intend to stop there. My girlfriend should have filmed.”

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