Forbach is short of doctors despite opening a nursing home

Forbach is short of doctors despite opening a nursing home

In these new premises and well-appointed offices, the residents of Forbach were able to consult three general practitioners, three nurses and a dentist for about a year. This health center, run by a health group of the Villers mining system, was officially opened on Friday, in the presence of the mayor of Forbach Alexander Casaro. “We should use this structure as a showcase to attract young doctors.” Hopes the mayor of the city. because This nursing home has many advantages for doctorsAnd “We have office hours, secretaries, so we can really focus on people’s health, our workexplains Florian Bloch, a general practitioner. Another plus: Doctors meet every month to discuss patients together, an increasingly appreciated medical collaboration.

Surprise the guests

During this inauguration, CGT made a surprising appearance. The union condemns the shortage of doctors in Feuerbach. As for Guillaume Bruno, president of the CGT des Mines de Lorraine, he does not hide his annoyance: “It’s all very well said but there is a fact: We have closed too many doctors’ offices in Feuerbach. We also lack specialist doctors, and appointment wait times are very long.” A deficiency that some Forbachois health professionals also decry.

Soon program to detect obesity

The facility will soon host a new program.Find your period
“to be allowed Detection of obesity in children. “There will be multidisciplinary care with a dietitian and psychological assistance and we are also trying to offer children physical activities in collaboration with the sports structures,” explains Dr. Sandrine Diaco, one of the doctors at the nursing home. She notices that there are more and more overweight children in her clinic and younger and younger children. Grand Est is one of the regions of France with the highest rate of obesity and cardiovascular accidents.

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