Football: The Portuguese will spend the holiday at the top of the R2

Football: The Portuguese will spend the holiday at the top of the R2

Portuguese club Porto of Amiens won 2-0 in Outreau after a controlled meeting.

First at the beginning of this meeting and with the will to stay so, the Portuguese immediately took matters into their own hands. strike Peas stop after flooding from Reynolds (5′), Reynolds Whoever bites a ball just above the goal (8′) launches hostilities. before combining Isambart A Despois with support and delivery via defense allows the first city to open scoring (0-1, 25 ohms). Just before the break, Desbois saw his shot was deflected by a defender. The Samaritans head to the locker room.

The second period begins on the caps. Peas Hitting the top, Reynolds crosses for Desbois, which the defender narrowly beats when he only had to push it to the bottom. And finally da vega cuts an intersect from Reynolds to the proximal prism and finds the upper angle (0-2, 52 degrees). If there is still time, “Mass was said because we really had control of the game.”Benoît Sturbois is considered retrospectively.

He’s still going through the fact that the hug doesn’t ease up. been since Glass Ask the guardian of the sea (60). And when the forwards aren’t shining, that’s it Demba Jenning who exits the station. Peas He stands by and approaches his target with a directed control sequence, striking with the left foot, from a distance of 25 metres, which lands onI stopped from the target (70 ′). The game ends with a deflected shot fromIsambart (80′) and then with a full strokethe love, at the conclusion of a nice collective movement (85). So, without brand aggravation, but getting the job done.

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And even a triple mission. The first to launch a new big game in content. We have been very well in the use of the ball and at the athletic level. So welcome Benoit storboa. Then at the accounting level since these three points “Let us stay there.”And the 4 units in front of the third, when stopping for a month and a half. Finally, the task that this group set itself: “We were real conquerors and warriors, and we were keen to do a good job for the sake of Dedication of victory to Andre Matondo. »

ASF Outreau – Porto FC from Amiens : 0-2 (0-1)

Goals: Isambart (25), Da Veiga (52)

Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Wable, Seguenebou, Idez – Facquier, Cupelle – Da Veiga, Isambart, Reynold (Poidevin 68 ′) – Despois (Ribeiro 74 ′)

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