Football: The Portuguese resume their march forward

Football: The Portuguese resume their march forward

After a major hurdle in the Coupe de France, Portuguese club Porto from Amiens found their way to victory in R2 with a 0-2 win over Saint-Maximin.

They want “washing insult” I ceded 1-7 against Beauvais, it was over. The Portuguese from Amiens entered their match immediately. After a good mass movement, peas He hits a great long-range kick and deceives the goalkeeper Isarian (0-1, 9 ohms). Benoît Sturbois’ men double down on positions and finally take a break when Despois . discovers Bodyvin In depth that fit goalkeeper and score (0-2, 40°C). Amiens joins the locker room in good shape, 0-2distance “Excellent first half. »

After the break, they become less adventurous and more in management. But they do it well overall, except for a big chance 10 minutes from the end, the local striker, alone in the area on a cross, stumbles into a display. Gnue. Portuguese victory 0-2 So it is in The three positions With American Abbeville and Wiley, the other two teams won their first two encounters.

Beyond the score, this is what Benoit Storboa He was waiting: “In the content, I found my players, and that was our strength during the preparatory matches.” from now on “assured”The Amiens coach is now waiting to see if his team can hold up at this level. Already expected on A trip to Chevrièresdespite a League Cup match, in Nugent, meanwhile.

US Saint Maximin – FC Porto Amiens : 0-2 (0-2)

Targets: Desboa (9 degrees), Bodivin (40 degrees)

Porto club Amiens : Gningue – Idez, Ameur, Seguenebou, Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier – Isambart, Despois, Da Veiga – Poidevin

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New arrivals: Ribeiro, Devoshell, Vasseur

Morgan Schumer
Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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