Football: The Portuguese has found Michelet to duel at the top of the table

Football: The Portuguese has found Michelet to duel at the top of the table

Back in the championship and back home to Portuguese side Porto Amiens who face another promotion contender, Saint-Maximin.

After qualifying after a long penalty shootout in the Hauts-de-France League Cup, it became Portuguese On Sunday the R2 season track resumes, their favorite competition. For the occasion, which perished a week ago, they have found a more complete set since then The absent seven have all returned. On the other hand, it is deprived Jonathan IsambartHarm.

Good news and tiles, therefore, when the time comes to dispute “A great game against a great team that caused us a lot of problems in the first leg.” A meeting in which they won, however, 2-0 by men Benoit storboa. However, faced with Fourth Of the championship, wholly in the struggle for ascension, “We expect a complicated game, and we know it will be a tough team.” And with him now 7 bullet points on Saint-Maximin For Amiens and the confrontation between second and third at the same time, this match takes on very special significance in the ranking: “There will be 2 teams out of 4 who will leave the points, and we have to do everything so that it is not us and continue our fun way in Grab as many points as possible. » Thus potentially taking off forward.

But in addition to the fact that it is a struggle for the top of the table, this match is also special because it is a return to competition in Michelet StadiumRenovated for the Portuguese. “It is important that the club can find its facilitiesunderscore Benoit storboaAnd But it’s also important for matches.” To the point of actually being an advantage? “There is not enough hindsight to say” The Samaritan coach responds cautiously, however “We’ve been training on it for a good month, We started getting our bearings. » Homecoming which is also a sign of more simplicity since then “You will make it easier for the leaders and you will Make life easier for players. » All that remains is to celebrate a positive outcome.

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The thirteenth day of Regional 2
Sunday March 19th, 3pm, Stade Michelet: Portuguese club Porto AmiensThe first is 28 points) – USA Saint-Maximin (4th, 21 points)

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Eva Daubenton – Sports Gazette

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