Football: The Portuguese defeats Gamaches

Football: The Portuguese defeats Gamaches

At the end of the match that Benoît Sturbois was wary of, Porto of Portugal knocked out Amiens with a 0-3 victory, which consolidated its first place in the R2 classification.

After a round of observation, Amiens hit the first from a set piece. He was pulled by Isambart, and was snapped at near center da vega Which immediately gives visitors an advantage (0-1, 10 ohms). But Gamaches fought back with a stride to get through penaltyreleased by Gningue (11′).

The first period is then balanced even though the two teams play with different records. The Portuguese have their stands Reynoldsnext to, and by da vega Who falls for the Gamachois janitor. And finally, on a set piece for the benefit of the locals, Facquier was launched Isambart In a confrontation that ends with a cross after a hook (0-2, 45 minutes + 1).

Satisfied with the way the players handled the match.

in the second half, Reynolds He gets a new chance as Gamaches effortlessly push long balls Gningue. Even a free kick at the far post was saved by the Amiens goalkeeper. And Benoît Sturbois’ men kill the game a few minutes later when Poidevin kicks in Bim Beat the local janitor by diving (0-3, 88°C).

The winning streak continues very well, with three goals again on the clock. From what must necessarily be ” Satisfied “ next to Benoit storboa. But after the result, he who hoped to continue to show a pretty face is pleased “L method His players got closer to the match. » And so he congratulated them on that “fighters”And “Olympic calm against the atmosphere”Briefly, “Can not be Fixed” And this is even if some are uncertain but finally allied “On the verge of collapse.”

AS Gamaches – FC Porto Amiens : 0-3 (0-2)

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Goals: Da Vega (10 points), Isambart (45 minutes +1), Pim (88 points)

Portuguese club Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Seguenebou, Devauchelle, Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier – Da Veiga, Isambart, Idez – Reynold

Ward: Wable, Poidevin, Piim

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Eva Daubenton – Sports Gazette (archive)

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