Football: The Portuguese confirms, ACA (B) and Bejonier struggle

No victory this weekend in R2 and R3. But some dynamics are more optimistic than others.

R2 – the advantage of the Portuguese in the fight to preserve

Admittedly, it’s just a tie and FCPPA Still in the “orange” zone, this VIII Where can send R3, but the point is obtained On the fourth lawn make up Fourth match unbeaten Straight to the men of Benoît Sturbois, who notes positive vortex, 8 points out of 12. If we had done this from the beginning, we wouldn’t be where we are now. »

Above all, this latest performance comes after a rather crazy scenario. In fact, after 7 ′leads the AS Beauvais B team. 1-0. after 17 ′the result is equal 2-0. After getting stuck twice in deep races against a team ahead of the standings, things got off to a bad start for the Portuguese. But everything will change from half an hour of playing. sissy He first misses a penalty kick before catching the DCC followed by a shot into the top corner allowing the gap to be reduced (2-1, 35 degrees). Then, just before the break, the Izarians meet in 10 After a foul on Da Veiga was committed in the position of the last defender. This means that in the break, when things appeared to be going well after 20 minutes, the Portuguese are still in the game.

The ups and downs are not over yet. We have to wait until the last quarter of an hour for things to speed up: the Povezins gather again red (75) Whoever wins the match. On a free kick by Facquier, da vega Appears in the far post to bring his character (2-2, 82°C). The game gets even crazier with a The third red card And even the fourth, for a person on the seat, at the side of the sideboard. In the eighth, they still have a chance to make Genghi shine, but the Portuguese cornered the surface of Isarian with chances from da Vega, Cisse and Ngakuso twice. Worse yet, the meeting ends with a Fifth exclusiona player on the bench up in red sixth, after the final whistle, to the delegate from Buffet.

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In this context, Amiens Porto won a draw, 2-2. What causes the reaction “mixed” in home Benoit Storboa. battery side “The first half hour disastrous Where we conceded two goals and where we don’t get any chances. » front side, “The last quarter of an hour of the first half and the second half: We Dominate the discussions, although the red cards helped. »

“We were good, we know how to come back At 2-2, we will not be selectiveAnd finally adds the Amiens coach, because when it was 2-0 after 20 minutes, I don’t hide that I was pale. » But if we can “to be satisfied” On the Portuguese side, there is also reason to regret the end of the match that Benoit Sturbois is considering “that we have can win”.

AS Beauvais Oise (B) – Porto FC from Amiens : 2-2 (2-1)

Goals: Cisse (35 degrees), Da Vega (82 degrees)

Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Laget, Wable, Idez – Ribeiro, Facquier – Da Veiga, Poidevin, Piim – Cissé

Ward: N’Gakosso, Devauchelle

If AC Amiens (b) opened the scoring by Ait Hammou, it proved insufficient to return from Nogent with a score.

Conversely, after bringing hope back to life by defeating Hazebrouck and Balagny in January, AC Amiens found themselves in difficulty once again.

However, it all started well. About half an hour into play, Mboj shooting near the surface and the ball, pushed by Nugent goalkeeper, well followed by Ait Hammou which infer (0-1). A joy that was short-lived because for the next five minutes, he streamed to the left with a ball that slid between Thoris’ legs making the two teams even, 1-1score in the first half. What should be then Johann Moreira “I was pleasantly surprised” He wants to see his team ‘Keep up the effort’.

In the second half, Amiens retracted and lost a bit of control, but they remained in the match. Even losing the ball after a touch, 5 minutes of time. The attacker Isarian finds himself serving alone against Thoris and mods him (2-1). Amiens gave their best, even conceding a final goal in extra time, anecdotal, versus defeat 3-1.

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While in his eyes, the result does not necessarily reflect conformityWhere she was “fairly consistent”And Johan Moreira confess “very big frustration” Because” a lack of intelligence From [s]We are a collective because no player can say, 1-1 away against a better rank than it was No need to hurry. They only had in mind the fact of striving for victory. Oddly enough, the tie was unimaginably far away…” position has ” I do not understand “ But try to explain with a lack of experience. »

With this defeat to what might at first appear as a direct competitor, Johan Moreira’s men are now relegated 6 points Seventh place and 4 points From the eighth, held by Portuguese they encounter the next day Its a powdery match already, even in the middle of the season.

US Nogent – AC Amiens (B) : 3-1 (1-1)

Target: Ait Hamou

AC Amiens : Thoris – K. Hamdane, Bihondi, Villier, Bekka – Gabert, Benoudren – Conte, Aït Hamou, Darius – Mbodj

Ward: Sila, Camara

R3 – the pigeon falls into the line

While we hoped, a few weeks ago, that it would be Dovecote They could join the fight in the outposts, Frederic Moraes’ men would surely have to be content with a soft stomach. traveling to mobig This Sunday, Amiens returned with a defeat. The Northerners defeated the Amiens team, which was unable to score for the first time this season, 2-0.

With this result, when they arrived mid seasonso the Samaritans always refer to seventh R3 rank, but now 8 points of climbing and 6 points in front of the danger zone. It’s hard, at the moment, to see what they will be able to play in the second half of the season…

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United States Maubeuge (b) – ES Amiens Dovecote : 2-0

Amiens Dovecote : Jego – Hobe, Lero, Dyson, Sea Hurtle – Moraes, Aurich – Leclerc, Zemmour, Andre Wade – S Hortel

Newcomers: Raymond, Somon, Francis D

Morgan Schumer
Image credits: Kevin Devigne / Reynald Valleron – Gazette Sports

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