Football: The Portuguese (B) failed on penalties

Football: The Portuguese (B) failed on penalties

After holding Dolens (D1) in check, 0-0, and taking the lead during a penalty shootout, Amiens FC Porto’s reserves were forced to lay down their arms, 4-3, in the Somme Cup final.

There is so much to be “Very disappointed and depressed” by the Portuguese from Amiens Noureddine Arousi. After 90 minutes of regulation time where “we pousse, but in the face of a very strong mass, we cannot find solutions » and one 0-0 final, session Shoot the net In the twists and turns buried the hopes of Amiens title.

However, Gauthier and Bala lost their attempts at the start of the session during the sessionlove And da vega Don’t shudder. Yet another success Peasthe The Portuguese advanced 3-1 With only two shots left each. But as Doolin’s attackers keep going, Jebe stumbles upon Ndiki and Izambar against the crossbar. The shot is on goal sissy is crucial and is also rejected in the end.

Consequently, Dolenz won the Somme Cup at the end of Scenario So frustrating. » What makes you regret Noureddine Arousi For his inability to reward his club’s good season with a new title: “We wanted this cup back so much, it would have been the icing on the cake. It would have been a reward for all those who work every day to get this club where it is.” Nothing is forgotten, fair play And to address it Congratulations to Dolenz. »

Note winsUnited States Camon Tete Boengo vs RC Salouel Saleux Finalist of the Gilles Marquette Challenge (3-3, 4-2 tabs) and theAC Amiens Azouz Hamdan and John Moreira vs SC Boves In the final of the Michel Bonnier Challenge (2-1) among veterans.

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Somme Cup, final
FC Porto Amiens (B) (D2) – RC Dolins (D1) : 0-0 (3-4 tabs)

Porto Amiens (B) : Tellier – Jippe, Seguenebou, Ameur, Bedrouni – Facquier, Cupelle – Da Veiga, Despois, Isambart – Cissé
Seat: Devauchelle, Ranouille, Nianzou, N’Gakosso, Mukoko

RC Dolenz : Ndecky – Lallez, Fils, Ossart, Bala, Bouthors, Mercier, L’Arsillère, Mette, Guernou, Gautier
Seat: Siracaya, Roussel, Petit, Morris, Pele

Morgan Schumer
Photo credit: Kevin Devigne – Sports Gazette (archive)

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