Football: The Portuguese are doing the job

Without leaving the perfect match, the Portuguese from Amiens won 5-0 on the Hasbrooke Railway.

Amiens immediately set foot on the ball, but first lacked sharpness and didn’t always make the right choices to finish off the big chances they had (4, 11′, 15). Finally, it’s a confused business Boulavrad concludes with a non-academic header (1-0, 17′). Big chance (21 points) and two runs on injury later (26 points), and without Hasbrouck who is nonetheless trying to get ahead, and looks dangerous, da vega rest time (2-0, 37 degrees). A new missed opportunity (39′) might make people regret the general lack of insight that would have made the score much higher already, but the advantage is already taken on the break, 2-0.

The second half continued in the same manner, with several failed attempts from Amiens (46′, 49′, 54′, 58′, 61). But Hazebrouck is no longer out, now trapped in his own net and finally cracking head-on he won it da vega (3-0, 64 degrees). The Portuguese, who still wants to seal the starting point (68, 77), takes advantage of the Hazebrouckois goalkeeper’s exit due to injury at the end of the match to achieve this through Sola (4-0, 86′) and then a penalty kick da vega (5-0, 89′). Benoît Sturbois’ men could have won much more, but they secured the essentials with this clear victory, 5-0.

Porto Amiens – AS Cheminots Hazebrouck : 5-0 (2-0)

Goals: Boulavrad (17 points), Da Vega (37 degrees, 64 degrees, 89 degrees Celsius), Silla (86 degrees).

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Porto Amiens : Gningue – Ameur, Wable, Njamen, Idez – Facquier, Ribeiro – Da Veiga, Boulavrad, Tachet – Poidevin

Ward: Bim, Sila, Sissy

Morgan Schumer

Image credit: Reynald Valleron – Gazette Sports

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