Football, Rugby and Basketball: Weekend Program for SHARE Teams

Women’s League (Final – Match 1)

Bourges Basket, Lyon Asvel:


Federal 2 (one-way join playoff)

Sarcelles – Bourges XV:


Wataniya 2 (Day 30)

Bourget Foot 18 – Nantes B:

National 3 (25th day)

Chateauneuve-sur-Loire – Bourg Foot 18B:
Verizon FC – Amelie:

Regional 1 (Day 28)

Blois Foot 41 – Borge Foot 18 C:
Portuguese from Bourges – Saint Amand:

Regional 2 (24 days)

Maasai Amelie B:
Bourg Moulon Olivier:
St.Dulchard Diors:
Vierzon FC B – La Chaussée:

Regional 3 (21st day)

Troy – Chetnai / Celts:
Blois Foot 41c – Henriquemont/Mineto:
Bourg-Gazlike – Saint-Germain-des-Poy:

D1 (23rd day)

La Chapelle-Saint-Ursin – Vierzon FC C:
Lignieres – La Septine:
Bourges Moulon B – Aubigny:
Saint-Amand B – Portuguese from Bourges B:
Verdigny / Sancerre – Orval:
Vierzon / Chaillot – Portuguese from Mehun:
Laurie/Meiro: Excuse me

D 2

Group A (Day 22)

Saint-Germain-des-Boys-Bey – Nanchay/Neuve:

Belachis Cup (Semi-finals)

Saint Florent – Bourges-Gazlike:
Bourget Foot 18 – Masai:

Françoise Sino Cup (Semi-finals)

US Saint Florent – FC Saint Dolchard:

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