Football: Rise of RC Amiens, invincible for the Portuguese

In R2, the Portuguese have nothing more to play for, other than expanding their impressive series, while in R3 RC Amiens will try to regain success to re-launch themselves in the race for climbs.

R2 – and 13 for the Portuguese team Porto from Amiens?

Maintained, but far from the top spots, the Portuguese from Amiens have nothing to hope for this season. However, with the cannon return stage, they could take their 13th match unbeaten. An impressive streak that they managed to extend last weekend, with a draw with the flavor of defeat against Bretwell (2-2).

In fact, the men Benoit Storboa king ” Dominates head and shoulders“, but without being able to convert many scoring chances. So faced with the reserve Mark on Barwell This time it will be a matter of selecting the sights so you don’t come back disappointed with this trip to the North. In the first leg, coach Picard suffered the same feeling after conceding a goalless draw at Stade Michele.

Twentieth day of the regional program 2

Sunday 15 May 3pm: Olympique Marcois (7th, 24 points) – FC Porto Amiens (Fifth 31 points)

Jalil Drani and his co-stars will try to win by far.

R3 – RC Amiens should stop the bleeding

men Nicholas Coffin Stay in an infuriating draw against Eli sur Somme 2-2 in their garden. Amiens did not win 3 matches. If they are still hoping to go up, they are bound to win on Sunday. But with one game less, they are now five lengths away from the top spot due to this unbeaten streak.

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Opposes the landing of the hen, chollins, the task does not seem so simple. If RCA players want to give them a chance to go back to R2, they’ll actually have to get past that hurdle. So the maintenance-fighting Chulnis will have to outdo himself to give himself the right to stay in R3. In the first leg, Amiens won 3-0 at home.

Meanwhile, leader Eli welcome Etancourt Currently fourth in the tournament, this confrontation will allow Amiens to move closer to the podium should they win. In the case of poor performance of teammates dranny He could say goodbye to R2.

The eighteenth day of the regional 3

Sunday, May 15, 3pm: Scholnice (ninth, 15 points) – RC Amiens (Fifth 32 points)

Theo gersev and julian benstow

Image credit: Gazette Sports

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