Football: Portuguese dominate RC Amiens

On Wednesday evening, on synthetic Moulonguet, RC Amiens received the FCPPA in a friendly match. Unsurprisingly, the Portuguese dominated the match and won 6-2.

Benoit Storbo’s men confiscated the ball from the start of the match and settled in the opposite half of the field. The Portuguese again chose to play two of eleven different players in each period. While Nicholas Coffin had to fiddle with absences in the offensive sector, the defense to reshape it after leaving this summer.

Trapped in front of the dividing deck, RCA players end up cracking after 20 minutes of play. da vegalaunched well in the depth, lobes of the opposing goalkeeper, very advanced (0-1, 22 degrees). in the aftermath, Isambart makes a fracture. The jib wing achieves perfect control on the right side, planted in the axle and hit low to the ground (0-2, 24 degrees).

as a reaction, mansard He comes close to equalizing with a good header from a corner kick, but Teller is vigilant on his streak (29′). After a few minutes, Isambart There goes his weakness (0-3, 36 degrees). At the break the result is final and reflects the nature of the match.

At first, both teams changed shirts. RC Amiens shows the character by reducing the score through Lamol (1-3, 48 degrees). However, this pride soon faded as the Portuguese regained the lead. Badroni (56′) And the Bodyvin Increase mark on the scoreboard (1-5, 77′). in the last minutes, Mbonbo, for RCA, and Poiret with the help of the publication for the FCPPA judged the fate of the match (2-6).

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The Portuguese Porto from Amiens confirms his good form before the confrontation Calais Sunday August 21. For its part, you will receive RC Amiens Morwell On the same day at three in the afternoon, he knows what’s left to work on.

friendly match :

RC Amiens (R3) – Amiens (R2): 2-6 (0-3)
Goals: Lamol (48 degrees), Mbundu (86 degrees) for Real Madrid. Da Veiga (22′), Isambart (24, 36′), Bedrouni (56′), Poidevin (77′) and Poiret (88′) for the Portuguese

Arsi Amiens: Coffin – Charlie, Bouharwa, Lero, Azgod, Venom, Ait, Perdetta, Mansard, Simon, Lamol
incoming: Louis, Lekebe, Mbondo, Lokoff, Ngoma

Portuguese first half: Tellier – Idez, Siradjini, Wabble, Seguenebou, Cupelle, Facquier, Da Veiga, Despois, Isambart, Vasseur
the other half: Guigne – Pedroni, Baccari, Thuiler, Toure, Habout, Maiga, Bem, Bodivin, Poiret, Karon

Julian Binstow

Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports (archive)

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