Football – Meri Seragidini: “We know everyone will be waiting for us”

The Portuguese’s new left side from Amiens has begun to change his life this year. The 26-year-old bid farewell to his dream of becoming a professional footballer and move ‘into the adult world’.

Can we go back to your departure from AC Amiens in favor of the Portuguese?

I left AC Amiens for personal reasons as I am working now. I’m doing 4×8, so it’s tricky, especially since in N3 it has minimal requirements. With AC Amiens it is complicated because the courses were scheduled at the beginning of the afternoon, and I am working. When you miss two or three training sessions a week, or on the weekends, you find yourself on the bench, or not at all in the group. So I was looking for a project to combine the two.

I played less last year, and also due to injury…

I had no luck with my shame. These are the ups and downs of football. I took the time to take care of myself to prepare for this season as much as possible.

You have passed into the adult world

It’s a real career choice you’re making this year…

Yes, I have moved into the adult world. Now it’s not “I get up to go to training” anymore, it’s “I get up to go to work”. I put my personal life before my life as I dreamed of becoming a footballer.

Does anything change the way football is lived?

I always treat football the same way. I go to training and I’m always hungry to win. Does not change.

Meri Seragidini played her first match in her new colors on Sunday at Lucien Jovlin Park against American Kamon.

You do not reach uncharted territory with the Portuguese …

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I know almost all the players. It’s nice to get to a group that we know so well, the merger was done more quickly. I also knew the coach already, because he was at AC Amiens too.

With the team that you have, you are necessarily one of the favorites in the group …

Of course, we know that everyone will be waiting for us. It is up to us to respond to each challenge and not be afraid.

What are your ambitions?

We’ll take it game by game and see where we rank mid-season. I hope we have a good season.

Julian Bensteau

Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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