Football: Keep up against a poorly ranked Portuguese player

Football: Keep up against a poorly ranked Portuguese player

Amiens Porto has finally moved forward. A dynamic to be confirmed on Sunday against a team from Hazebrouck in distress.

Two months will change everything. If Benoit Sturboe’s guys offer interesting things in 2021, they often haven’t paid off, especially faulting the lack of solidity. either only 5 points after 7 days and ready 18 goals conceded. But since then, the defensive tactical problem that the Amiens coach pointed out at the end of December appears to have been rectified.

racing report, 2.6 goals received On average per game at the end of last year, the Portuguese went to 0.8 Since the beginning of 2022. With impact on results: 5 matches unbeaten11 out of 15 possible points and the average score for each game he jumped from 0.7 to 2.2Or from a downward rhythm to the rhythm of a team struggling to rise.

Hazebrouck in the middle of a shipwreck

However, the start of the season is still heavy. Sure, the Portuguese finally left this exhausting eighth place, but they didn’t Still not elusive. However, the weekend may help shed some light. A Sunday when the Samaritans will have all the papers on hand. In fact, they face the formationHasbrooke aimlessly. The last one with two pointslack of still didn’t win and counting now 13 delay unit In the eighth place, the first chance of salvation, the northerners are almost doomed.

What is more than The last point of mid-October, against another poorly ranked Blaney. where, 9 losses in a rowon average close to 4 goals conceded By matches including some corrections, 7-1 In Gamaches or 9-1 In Etaples. The only thread of a team arc that does not see the end of the tunnel, an attack in spite of everything touching scored at 8 From these meetings and remains to be defeated by scoring two goals. Little remains to imagine this dangerous team. Especially since FCPPA wants to recover itself from a file Bad always in the throat Togo.

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The Portuguese So you have a chance to rotate the counter to “Look where you are” In the words of their coach. Success, in any case, will be either Marcq distance (b)As for Get close to GamachesThe two teams compete against each other. It can also be provided Sixth place, Nogent is going to Etaples. Once all of this data is in place, all that’s left is to validate it in the field.

Thirteenth day of Regional 2

Sunday March 6 at 3pm Licorne Stadium 3 (class): Porto club AmiensSeven 16 points) – AS Cheminots Hazebrouck (12th place, 2 points)

Morgan Schumer

Image credit: Reynald Valleron – Gazette Sports

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