Football – Benoit Sturbois: “The goal is not to change, but to improve”

After evaluating last season, Benoit Strobois, the Portuguese coach at Amiens, evaluated the movements within his workforce ahead of his next season in R2.

What moves are already recorded this summer?

We have a start two stars For non-sporting reasons and Pereira (3 appearances this season, editor’s note) for family reasons. Right now, we only have these departures, and we’ve been able to maintain the majority of the workforce, and that was a priority. As a result, we wanted to replace Njamen and boost in some lines where we had good players but not necessarily enough in number or add players to put the competition in certain key positions.

In terms of arrivals, we have Mary (SiragidiniEditor’s note) who comes from AC Amiens, who will bring his experience and real added value into the left lane. have Maxime KiobelA player who would do a world of good in midfield, a player who trained in that position, passed by Amiens SC. He has great potential with great desire, he is a player who immediately joined the project and will have a real added value in the midfield. We’ll also have something whimsical that I wanted last year, Esteban Vasseur, which has a different profile than the one we already have. Defensively, we also recruited samson seginbo, who moved to AC Amiens and who was in Camon, who has a very strong and fast profile, a defender who can play in the middle or on one side, a profile we didn’t necessarily have. That’s the whole point of recruiting players to complete our group of players and to be able to improve on some of the points where we’re a bit weak.

Miri Siradjidini (here right in an AC Amiens shirt) is one of the leading Portuguese recruits from Amiens this summer.

We signed too Arthur Baudot, who is the player who touched level 3 with Saint Quentin, a central defender who played, as a young man, with a good level and who went to play for a lower club due to a personal problem. We have also recruited additional players, not love, who passed through the youth at Auxerre, is seasoned with the dribbler, technical, fast profile, who was free because he hadn’t played for a year. He will also have to get back on his feet. finally, Amaga Megaa midfielder with a technical profile, interesting about what we saw in the Test match on Friday (June 10, editor’s note), is also able to bring in something other than what we have in the workforce.

Now, these are the players who will have to start from scratch, align with what the team offers, and who will also make us think about who, what and how, until we have doubts. And at some point, reshuffle the cards and find a competitive team. The goal is not to change it, but to improve it. We can improve in certain positions, the goal will be to find players who can improve the team.

We’re still in discussion with a player or players (signed by Jonathan Isambart since our interview, editor’s note) even if we can say, for now, that the hiring process is complete. We have been contacted by a player or players, we are in conversations.

So the door isn’t closed to newcomers?

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Exactly, the door is not closed at all for newcomers. The goal is not to stack players, but if we can do one or two good moves before the end of the transfer period to improve the team, not to complete the team, then we will do it without any problem.

The goal is not to stack players but if we can do a good move or two before the end of the transfer window to improve the squad then we will do it without any problem.

Aren’t you afraid of a workforce that’s too bloated?

No, because it takes what it takes. We knew we had come at a certain moment when we had a shortage of players. I had to play when it wasn’t planned at all, sometimes we were 12 or 13 in the group, and sometimes we had to play players who weren’t necessarily in their positions. It’s a good thing, because they are multi-skilled players, but they don’t necessarily have the same performance as in their real positions.

That’s why we recruit positions where we can not only add value but also double positions in case of suspension or injury. I don’t think it’s very much. Now, actually, we’re not going to make a group of 50 players. But we do not refuse anything. And if we contract other players, it will be the players who really match what we are looking for and who will bring real added value.

And in the opposite direction, will there still be prospects for leaving?

For now, we have to leave with the same team. Is the door open? We opened the door to everyone when it was time to offer them to resign and participate in the project. No one was forced to stay. We wanted to keep the group of players. Now, hopefully, we won’t have any nasty surprises with two or three players leaving at the end of the transfer window. It can get us in trouble.

Portuguese soccer Amiens - Lana Brittuel (Renald Valeron) (14)
Benoit Sturbois insists on the importance of cohesion within his workforce

The benefit of recruiting more than departing, will you be able to draw on last season’s workforce to slowly begin incorporating newcomers without rushing things?

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Yes, but apart from Esteban Vasseur, who knows a few of the players on the team, the others have already trained with us, and they know the players on the team. We really worked on it to save time on adaptation, cohesion, and mechanisms. There are really special affinities and relationships and I think that can save us a lot of time.

After that, we actually have players who are already working on the game project, players who are out there and will fight to keep their place. We depend on the competition. The goal is to put together the best team.

Then it is clear that if we have to find one or two great players to complete the team, even if there is this predicament that they do not know the team, it is up to us to do everything so that they adapt to the club. And the game plan.

Le programme des matchs amicaux des Portugais d'Amiens :
- Dimanche 7 août : FC Porto Portugais d'Amiens - US Camon (R1)
- Mercredi 10 août : FC Porto Portugais d'Amiens - AC Amiens (b) (R3)
- Samedi 13 août : FC Porto Portugais d'Amiens - FC Tremblay (R2)
- Mercredi 17 août : FC Porto Portugais d'Amiens - RC Amiens (R3)
- Dimanche 21 août : FC Porto Portugais d'Amiens - Calais Grand Pascal (R1)
- Mercredi 24 août : FC Porto Portugais d'Amiens - ESC Longueau (N3)

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