Football – Benoit Storboa and the Portuguese ‘frustrated, disgusted, upset’

Football – Benoit Storboa and the Portuguese ‘frustrated, disgusted, upset’

In front twice and after doubling the net chances, the Portuguese lost a frustrating 2-2 draw against Bretwell.

Admittedly, the goalkeeper’s first intervention was to come off at the feet of Morand’s Silla on a back pass that wasn’t strong enough (1′) but it was the Portuguese who immediately dominated the match. And more with Piim’s great opener. Da Vega, sent by Ribeiro, sees the path of his attacking partner and sends him a ball over the defense. Bim Do not bother with a control and restore the Guillorel lobe (1-0, 5′). But despite direct control of the meeting, he missed the last or penultimate pass, and it was even the British who, with a free kick from got At the top of the bar (8 ′) get a case.

However, Salomon Beam quickly opened the scoring with a superb shot over the goalkeeper

But the Portuguese then chained their chances. On the dismissal of goalkeeper Amiens, Bodyvin He escapes to confront the last Isarian wall but oversteps his attempt (22′). Then, with a good defensive header from Ribeiro, da vega He takes his right side and finds himself perfectly positioned to serve Poidevin and Cissé who follows him. But neither is injured, and finally it is Froissart who pushes the skin in his (25′) goalkeeper gloves. On a clean free kick from Facquier, Guillorel should shoot a nice horizontal mid rise to keep his team in the game (37′). Then came the turn sissy To eat the score sheet. Poidevin sent him at close range, he already missed the target (41 °).

And in the process, when the ball is lost in their camp, the Samaritans are punished. Find the cross from the right Tegate In the far goal that eliminates Morand and strengthens the trajectory of the ball with the tip of his foot to find the net (1-1, 44′). final free kick Facquier Guillorel slammed on the crossbar (45′ + 2) ending this first half with a score of none though, Amiens’ clumsy foul in front of goal but also due to poor last choices in the pass.

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The Portuguese captured them again

The second period starts again like the first, lacking precision at the end, whether sissy at the angle (48 degrees), Bim Whoever excels at the defense but does not press his shot sufficiently (50), sissy Unable to infer, at close range, a well-executed procedure by Piim and Da Veiga on the right (51′), or even da vega Their heads pass from a corner kick to the side (53) and then to the top (55).

Finally, the variation is made on the less composed work of Amiens. Poidevin pulls away at the entrance to the opponent’s area to retrieve the ball and Da Veiga takes care of pushing it into the back of the net (2-1, 56 degrees) for his 12th goal since joining the Portuguese, and it’s not the hardest in the group. But if there is a new opportunity after a good move led by Nyanzu on the left and concluded with a full pivot from RibeiroAbove (63′) joy is short-lived. Tighat was fired into the empty space on the left and covered with the last cannons, and he has plenty of time to cross Furtado da Silva Who comes to crucify Moran?2-2, 68°C).

Morand should even convert the headline from the free kick he took so well got (71′). And if the Portuguese keep pushing, there will be more and more chaos and rush. Aside from a position from Idez pushed back on Da Veiga, in a perfect position, who nonetheless puts his recovery next to him (84′), there isn’t much seriousness to put him in the tooth. So the FCPPA came out of this match in a draw, 2-2.

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But also and mostly “frustrated, disgusted, upset”vitality arrived Benoit Storboa. “From an accounting point of view, we can say it’s good”At the end of the meeting, the person who did not know yet admits that it was enough maintainNogent is now running in 11 points3 days from the end, but “Looking at the performance, a 2-2 exit is a Disaster. »

Portuguese soccer Amiens - America Brittoil (Renald Valeron) (15)
Too active, like his work on Amiens’ second goal, Camille Bodevin, on the other hand, lacked realism, like his attacking partners.

“We have Dominates head and shouldersno matchSamaritan coach details. We are above them in using the ball. we Good at what you want to be, owns, finds imbalances, puts the opponent in a crisis situation. » But one thing was missing ” me’Offensive efficiencyAnd that’s an understatement: we have 13 clear chances! And again, we also got the last, uncertain passes, which were poorly negotiated. »

Such disappointment, though a 12 games in a row without losingAnd We consider it a defeat. » Noting all the same all the positives in his team’s production, from now on, he “I hope he smiles at us from next season.” Who will work again in R2. And it’s all the same, because it’s not surprising given the second half of the season since the Portuguese have been in second place since January, which is the good news for the weekend.

FC Porto Amiens – USA Brettoil : 2-2 (1-1)

Targets: Piim (5 ′), Da Veiga (56 ′) for Amiens; Tegate (44′), Furtado da Silva (68′) by Brittoil

Porto Amiens : Morand – Ameur, Traoré, Njamen, Idez – Ribeiro, Facquier – Da Veiga, Poidevin, Cissé, Piim

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Ward: Nyanzu, Boulavrad

Morgan Schumer
Image credit: Reynald Valleron – Gazette Sports

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