Football: a show of strength by the Portuguese in Amiens

Football: a show of strength by the Portuguese in Amiens

Portuguese FC Porto from Amiens performed with a collective quality that speaks for themselves to defeat, with a score of 0-4, a team from Ailly-sur-Somme but outperformed by Saint Nicholas.

To beat the Ailey Meadow, the Portuguese relied on their offensive advantage, defensive solidity and ability to instantly take things the right way. like Isambart Already dangerous to high recovery, forcing Legon to stop his attempt (6′). After the non-crossing head of Bodyvin Above the bar (9′), it is finally peaswhen receiving a cross from the right, from the far post, who brilliantly shot his cross into the opposite side net (0-1, 12′).

Aillygeoise did not react long enough to come in with a cross pass from the left that was cut by an interference from the left flank. dswell. But Gningue was vigilant (13′). The people of Amiens were advancing and making their competence speak for themselves. Second shot of peasagain on the cross, this time again from Poidevin, the second goal, with a flat foot (0-2, 23 degrees). Without many clear chances, the Portuguese dominated the match and made the first choice with this break.

Especially since Ellie, although voluntary, was less dangerous than visitors. Except for the head above Benedict In the corner (30′), there is no beep on the Gningue cage. And in the last quarter of the hour, the game was more choppy, crashes and cards popping, for Chappie, in particular (35 ′), which provided the only opportunity for this period, a free kick from peas To the left of Lejeune that the latter repels well (40′).

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Round again before opening

On his return from the locker room, it was Ailey who pushed hard from the start, but without more success than in the first period. Finally, after making the round again by showing off her toughness, he hit the FCPPA, stubborn. A Siradjidini cross from the left found Da Veiga who stumbled on the right promenade at Lejeune’s feet. But Bodyvin follow him and push the ball into the back of the net (0-3, 59 degrees Celsius).

Mass was said, and to get the point home, Xavi received a new yellow card synonymous with disqualification almost immediately (67′). What presents the possibilities for the people of Amiens. On the service of Vasseur, Isambart We saw his attempt veered off by Aligua’s foot (77′), then took the same attempt and started again, but in the opposite direction, Isambart sent fasorAnd a skewed shot (79 degrees).

But in the end, he was another participant who Isambart offered the potential to influence the brand. On the back cross from the left, enliven He left no chance for Lejeune (0-4, 86′). Manita was on hand but fasor He found the goalkeeper’s arms on a low cross from the last scorer (88′) then Lejeune fired a superb horizontal to take the attempt out of the left ciragedini (90 ′). In the meantime, Gningue had the work done, meanwhile, on Doswell’s deep ball, to keep a fresh clean sheet.

Thus, the Portuguese achieved their fourth victory in the league, 0-4and thus remain leaders, now entirely on their own, with both best attack and the best defensetwo traits that this match illustrates perfectly, Which Benoit Storbois does not trust legallyalthough Jean-Charles Sauving’s men didn’t miss the match quite as the score might suggest.

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FC Ailly-sur-Somme Samara – FC Porto Amiens : 0-4 (0-2)

Goals: Desbois (12 points, 23 points), Bodivin (59 degrees), Yehia (86 degrees).

Exclusion: Chappe (67′)

FC Elie sur Somme : Legon – Mallet, Benoit, Belux, Verkaik, Cosette – Xavi, Tabart, Laflete (Sharry 46′) – De Souza (Soval 68′), Duswell (Testlin 46′)

Porto club Amiens : Gningue – Ribeiro (Devauchelle 64′), Seguenebou, Wable, Siradjidini – Cupelle, Facquier – Da Veiga (Vasseur 72′), Despois (Yahiaoui 72), Isambart – Poidevin

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Image credit: Kevin Devigne – Gazette Sports

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